Ideas for an Appropriate Gift for My Midwife

Updated on March 28, 2008
T.M. asks from Albuquerque, NM
8 answers

This is my second pregnancy and I decided to go with a midwife this time. I will still be giving birth in a hospital, but I was wondering what type of gift I should get her after my son is born? She has been absolutely wonderful throughout my pregnancy. I just wanted to get some ideas of things you have given your OB/Midwife. Or if you yourself are a midwife what you would enjoy getting as a gift. Also I am using a Doula but it is through Presbyterian so I do not have a set Doula. Basically it is whoever is available when I go into labor. Should I get a gift for her as well?
Thanks so much in advance!!

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answers from Santa Fe on

Any gift that you give your midwife is going to be appropriate as long as it is from the heart. My husband is a photographer, so we gave our midwives some of his work. You spend so much time with them throughout the term of your pregnancy that I am sure you will be able to ascertain something that would be meaningful for her and you. Good luck!



answers from Las Cruces on

Hi T.,

Conveniently, our daughter is named after a native tree that we have growing here in the southwest, so as a thank-you to our midwife, we gave her that kind of tree as a special sort of reminder of the significant hand she had in helping to bring our babe into the world outside of the womb. This could work even if your child isn't named after a plant!



answers from Albuquerque on

We got our two midwives bread samplers from this fantastic (and famous) deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Zingerman's Deli. We had the goodies delivered to their homes as a fun surprise thank you gift.

Both were delighted with their delicious surprise :)

Here's the web page with their breads:



answers from Phoenix on

im not a midwife but i am and er nurse and have delivered quite a few babies. in cars in the parking lot, including my twin nephews( before i was a nurse) in the car on the way to a doctors appt. and here were a few things i have gotten. since i work in a hospital i really cant receive a personal gift so i have gotten candy flowers food etc. i got a gift card and i bought something everyone could enjoy. so you might check to see what the hospital policies are if she is an employee. i have beocme firends with someof my paitents and though i cant receive gifts form them after service they often send birhthday or holiday gifts to my home. food is always good. working moms need a break sometimes. gift cards are so impersonal. you should know her pretty well by now so find out something she likes or enjoys and base your gift on that. and what woman doest like flowers or plants. i ahve a rose tree that someone gave me and i enjoy it immensly every season. youcan give her somethign like that if she has a house or garden. that way she will rmember you and your baby every time she sees the flowers



answers from Phoenix on


I recently had my first child and my Midwife was so amazing! It is such a different kind of care, isn't it? You develop such a bond with a midwife.

I started looking for a gift for my midwife after I hit the 6 month point, and in spite of our connection I felt like I knew very little about her as a person. We really connected about our love of children and her help with my body.

I did know that she wants to eventually move to Eqypt and that it is more than a passing fascination for her. She has been there before and it really suits her.

I bought her an Eqyptian Tea set from a company in Egypt. It was reasonably priced and let her know that I cared about her as a person.

I would recommend that you look closely at her office, and ask her questions about herself and find something that is all about her.

F. G



answers from Phoenix on

I get my midwife, candles, and gift cards, to restaurants, or for massages.



answers from Flagstaff on

I gave my midwife two things the book, The Baby Catcher. It is a collection of stories written by a midwife and a framed picture of her and my baby right after birth. Midwives and doctors often have a wall or something where they display their birth pictures. I would also see if they have a favorite charity to donate to or if they have a wishlist for their practice.



answers from Phoenix on

I use a midwife too. I got mine and the doula a giftcard to Target. However, this time I was thinking of a giftcard to her favorite pedicure place. I give one to her doula too because I see her at each prenatal visit and she was there for the birth. I wouldn't think you should get one for a "on the call doula" but maybe a $5 giftcard to Starbuck and a general thank you card?

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