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Updated on May 07, 2008
M.M. asks from Hawthorne, CA
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I am 16 weeks pregnant and seeking a Doula to assist in my deliver in October. Ideally I was hoping to be able to have a home birth (since I was born at home 32 years ago), but I am high risk pregnancy (because of a gene mutation called Leiden Factor V which predisposes me to blood clots) and no midwife or birthing center will risk it. So, I am stuck with my doctor and a hospital birth - I hate hospitals, but want to feel safe and I want the best for my coming baby. I want to deliver without an epidural and want to increase my chances of a vaginal birth. Because of a blood thinning medication I am on to reduce the risk of blood clots I will only have a 24-48 hour window in which to deliver, once I have gone off the medication. I don't even want to THINK about having to go through surgery to have my baby. My pregnancy so far has been somewhat difficult and I want to make the delivery as stress free as possible for me and my partner. I know that having a doula reduces the chances of having a c-section and the use of epidurals. I would love to find someone who is willing to work with a high risk pregnancy and who wants to be part of my birthing team!

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Hi M.,

I know of a wonderful woman who is a birthing coach and doula. Her name is Yoko, and she lives in Lomita. Her phone number is: ###-###-#### and her email is: to You!

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Dear M.,


I highly recommend my amazing midwife, Tonya Brooks, who is located in Sherman Oaks. I experienced the most naturally incredible pregnancy and birth with her as my midwife!

Here's her data:

The Natural Birth & Women’s Center
14140 Magnolia Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Tel: ###-###-####

If anything, I would definitely check out her 8 week birthing classes. They are amazing, and you can always get more data when you call her office.

With love,
L. (Mama to 7 month old Dylan Orion) : )))

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Hi M.. I gave birth at Cedar Sinai with my first child (hated it - they almost killed me with too much epidural) meaning to give birth at Hollywood Birth Center but water broke too early and was in labor for 36 hours. I still had a vaginal birth, thank God to my midmives who were with me at the hospital. My 2nd baby was born at home because I promise never to set foot in a hospital for birthing again! What a wonderful experience that was! Anyway, I worked with Diane West as my midwife. I wish I had a doula also. I would get one if I have another baby. I think it would be worth every penny. Anyway, I don't know of any doula in the South Baby area but I suggets e-mailing Diane @ is well connected with doulas and midwives all over the city and would probably recommend a doula for you. Congratulations on your upcoming birth and baby! I'm sending good vibes for a natural birth (it makes all the difference in the babies' health as my 2nd baby is much healthier with no drugs in her system at birth than my 1st baby with all her allergies which I believe is a direct result of her having epidural and pitocin in her system at birth). Take care. You'll have the time of your life!



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HI M.,

Good for you that you are sticking to your guns! I am a chiropractor in LB and I used Beach Cities Midwifery down in Laguna Niguel area. Lisa Sherwood was my midwife and the doula she works with is Cindy - I can't remember her last name! Anyway, Cindy is a great doula and you may want to seek them out. I don't have their information handy so I am sure you can look them up. Good Luck with everything!




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hi M.,

i used a doula for my first baby, born in february. she lives in redondo beach. i don;t think she has certification but i really like her style. she was my sister's doula for both her daughters. my sister delivered naturally (without epidural) for both. i planned go go without epidural but had a problematic 26 hour labor, so i had epidural.
doula is a big advocate of delivery without meds, but is supportive with whatever you choose.
if you call her her, let her know that L. from manhattan beach referred you. her name and #; Elizabeth Noriega, ###-###-####



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We had a wonderful doula, who I think is in the south bay, named Guiditta Tornetta. She just had her book published if you look her up on amazon. Her website is



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Congrats on your preganancy and decision to use a doula. I had an absolutely wonderful experience with my doula, Candace Leach. I too had a hospital delivery but having Candy there made the experience much less scary. Check out her website at Candy is in the Long Beach/ Lakewood area.



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Hi M.,
Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am a doula in the Westchester area and am currently planning a evening event called 'Meet the Doulas' we have about five doulas coming to present themselves and would love to have you come and meet some of us. The event will be held at Paseo Del Rey Elementry School in Playa Del Rey on Wednesday May 21st at 7pm. PM if you'd like more information.



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My doula's name is Giuditta Tornetta. Her website is

She has more experience and knowledge on natural childbirth than anyone I know. She also just published a book on painless childbirth. She was there for the birth of my daughter and my twins. Feel free to call me too. ###-###-####.

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