Managing Debt

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Debt and What to Do...

R.C. asks from Los Angeles

I recently received a letter from a company stating that I owed them money, and were preparing to take me to court unless I paid the balance in full. This debt was fr...


What to Do About This Debt

L.L. asks from Tulsa

ok so here it is. I just need to get it off my chest. We are soooo broke. I am in debt a good 4000 in credit cards and to top it off my check wasn't enough to pay all...


Debt Relief Comments, Suggestions, Etc.

M.B. asks from Denver

Has anyone ever used a debt relief company to eliminate your debt? My husband and I are tired of not being able to pay down our mounting bills (about $25K) and think ...


Debt Ceiling?

J.M. asks from St. Louis

I don't understand the debt ceiling issue:/


About Debt Management

N.K. asks from Detroit

Has anyone ever done debt management before?


Debt Management

J.E. asks from Philadelphia

Has anybody ever used a debt management program od done a debt settlement?


Debt & Divorce

J.T. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know what happens with your debt when you get a divorce (large debt)? If you have debt that has gone to a collections agent, how does it work during a div...


Debt Consolidation

A.G. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a good debt consolidation company?


Getting Out of Debt

J.L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone followed Dave Rasmey steps on getting out of debt? I have watched his show and was reading about his books. Has anyone been to his classes or seminars? We ...


Debt Consalidation

C.C. asks from Dallas

Has any one ever done debt consalidation thru a debt consalidation company? Considering and looking for feedback? does it mess up your credit score in the long term...