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Lump in Breast Sent for a Mammogram

C.C. asks from Los Angeles

I have a lump in my breast that I noticed about 2 mo ago. Today I had a doctors appt for a physical and he did a breast exam. He said oh yeah I feel that and immediat...


Lump in Breast

D.P. asks from Sacramento

HI everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend! About two weeks ago my breast was really tender. I found a lump in the area and it was what was causing the ten...


24 Yrs Old and Having a Mamogram

J.R. asks from Reading

Hey mamasource women. I'm a 24 yr old women with three wonderful children. I just went to the doctors office to have an ultrasound done on one of my breast because my...


Mammogram While Breastfeeding

B.B. asks from Chicago

I was just wondering if anyone out there had any experience with getting a mammogram while still nursing a toddler. I am 42, have been pregnant or nursing for the la...


ThQuestionable Mamogram Results

L.M. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas ~ I'm reaching out for a ray of light tonight.... My mom recently had a second mamogram to verify a suspicious lump. Turns out it's a small lump and anothe...



L.Q. asks from Des Moines

Does any one know if I can get a mammogram while nursing?


Mammogram Panic

K.S. asks from Denver

Hi moms, I am freaking out and really hoping you can provide some insight or comfort. I had a physical with my primary care doc a few days ago and he felt somethi...



K.S. asks from Dallas

Hi mommas! I am 31 and have Never had a mammogram. I do not have insurance and have been told I really should get one. Does anyone know where they do them for free?


Breast Lump

G.B. asks from Boise

If there is a quarter sized lump in the breast, do they still do a mamo? Im assuming not. What do they do after that? I put a small hair pick in my bra and it would ...



V.M. asks from Norfolk

Hi ladies! This is kind of an embarassing question but I am scheduled to get my first mammogram next week and I am a little scared. I know there really is no need to...