How Long Does It Take to Get Mammogram Results?

Updated on January 26, 2010
M.B. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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I had a mammogram 9 days ago. If I haven't heard anything yet, does that mean they didn't find anything? She said it was fairly common to need additional pictures taken, and not to get worried if they do call and tell me they saw something abnormal. But so far, no one has called and I've recvd no results.
So how long does it take?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I called my Dr's office yesterday and they called me back to say I had a normal result.

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answers from Las Vegas on

they can get those results in the spot. I know this b/c one time I had to have addl slides done and once they did it, it was a few minutes before they called me into the room to say everything was ok. They showed me the film and told me what they were looking at.. it's so annoying these days when doctors feel that they don't need to call back even IF nothing is wrong.. you should call them , they should have those results by now..

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answers from Denver on

My results always came in the mail after about a week/10 days. If they see a problem or if you are there to have a lump examined, etc then you usually get those results back more quickly.

You can always call your doctor or the mammo center to check on your results as well.



answers from Denver on

They should have the results by now, most likely. A lot of places have the protocol where they call you if there is anything on the test that needs further evaluation, but they don't call if the test is clear. Still, I always want to know for sure, so if they don't call, I call to find out. Errors happen all the time, so if I was not called by accident, that wouldn't be good... I would just pick up the phone and call the place that did your test.



answers from New York on

I just went through this myself. They told me that if everything was ok then I would get a letter in the mail. They said that they would only call if I needed to take additional pics.



answers from Seattle on

I had one a few years ago, after I had found a lump in my breast. I got a verbal, preliminary evaluation right away and a written confirmation in the mail within a week. If it has been more than 5 business days, I would give them a call.



answers from New York on

they found something on mine and told me within 10 minutes of getting the images taken. thank God it was just a benign lump and has gone away... but if they see somehting they call you pretty quickkly. you can follow up with them (call on the phone) or call you dr. You are probably fine..



answers from Boise on

I am a mammography technologist for my local hospital. We are required by law to send you written results in the mail. However, we usually only send these letters out once a week so it could be a week to ten days before they get there. That is a long time to wait for something like mammogram results so I tell my patients that the doctor usually gets a copy of your results within a day or two and if they don't want to wait for the mail- to call their doctor. Some places have full service centers where the doctors will read every mammogram as it is taken, but not every place is like that so not everyone gets their results right away. If their is some reason that you need to come back for more images, usually your doctor gets that report and calls you right away to schedule a follow up mammo appointment. So the fact that you haven't heard anything for this long is probably a good sign. I don't know if this is your baseline mammogram, but it is more common to get called back after your first mammogram than any subsequent mammograms. This is because with your first one the doctor has nothing to compare to so if there is anything abnormal at all they will call you back. Once they have prior images to compare to they know what is normal for you and you have a decreased chance of getting called back. Hope this helps!



answers from Missoula on

Where I work, a hospital with specialized Breast Health Center, results are generated same day by a radiologist but take 1-2 days longers to be transcribed and mailed out to physicians. After that it is your physicians responsiblity to give you results and explain them to you. After 3-4 days if you have not heard, call your Drs office and ask for results. They can be get snippy when they are busy however, "no news is good news" policies are a thing of the past. I encourage every individual to spear head their own health care. Best of Luck.

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