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Updated on February 23, 2011
K.S. asks from Joshua, TX
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Hi mommas! I am 31 and have Never had a mammogram. I do not have insurance and have been told I really should get one. Does anyone know where they do them for free?

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answers from Provo on

I go to the county in my state and get my screening for low or no cost. You should be able to look in the phone book under state and county offices.

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answers from Modesto on

Keep an eye on your local news, occasionally they do free screenings for all sorts of things. At 31 you shouldnt need one yet unless there's a history of bc in your family. I had one at 40 and then just had my second one at 53. The American Cancer Society should know where to send you for a free one tho, call them.

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answers from Clarksville on

Breast Thermography is a much safer option than mammography and it uses no radiation. It's thermal breast imaging, approved by the FDA, and not covered by insurance. This technology can detect cancer prior to the development of a tumor and is an excellent tool for prevention. I had my first thermogram in January & it was quick, painless and well worth the money I spent to have one done.


answers from Milwaukee on

call you local hospital and ask if they do them for free or if they can tell you where to go to get on done!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Years ago, when I actually worked in mammography, the baseline age was 35 with follow up mammograms every other year until 45 at which point it became a yearly event. I no longer work as a mammographer but did hear of a study that recommended baseline mammograms not be performed until 40. Either way, you are too young to start with even a baseline. A baseline is the first mammogram that is used for comparison purposes when you have the next one at 37. Younger breast tissue is denser which makes mammograms hard to read. As we age our breasts become less dense (perky, lol) so any malignancies are easier to detect. You can wait, unless, as it has been pointed out, there is a family history.
Self breast exams are much more helpful at your age. It is important that we know how to do them. I met a woman about three uears ago who saved her own life at 33 by doing the self exams. You can go on-line to research how to do them properly.
I remember what it's like not to have insurance and the relief of getting it. Maybe in a few years you will have access to insurance and don't have to worry about it.


answers from Philadelphia on

I thought I had a lump recently so I went for a mamogram. My recent and first experience with one was it worried me unnecessarily , they said my breast tissue was too dense to see much so they did an ultra sound afterwards to look further which worried me , they said they would only do that if there was a problem - which there was not .
I am from the UK and they only give you a mammogram if you have an issue or are over 50.
I will not be getting a yearly one even though my insurance covers that because of my last experience unless I feel something is wrong.



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answers from Colorado Springs on

Call your hospital, or your nearest Cancer Society office. They should be able to let you know. Do you have a regular doctor? The doctor's office should be able to give you guidance as well.


answers from Chicago on

The mammogram usually isn't required until age 40. Unless there is a family history of breast cancer, you still have plenty of time. Maybe check to see what they say there.

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