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Updated on July 15, 2012
D.P. asks from Sacramento, CA
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HI everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend! About two weeks ago my breast was really tender. I found a lump in the area and it was what was causing the tenderness. I told my husband and he felt it too. I wasnt really too worried because I have heard if it is a lump with some pain it usually isnt cancer. I went to the doctor on Thursday and she did a thurough exam and also felt it. She said that it was probably nothing bad and not to worry too much about it but of course she was going to order a diagnostic mamogram. She told me if I didnt here from anyone by Wed to give her a call. Well I got a call on Friday afternoon, one of the automated ones it was reminding me that I had an appointment Monday afternoon. I called to verify, and I was told my doctor actually called and scheduled the appointment for me. Now I am a little more worried,why would she call and set up the appointment for me and make it so soon if there wasnt anything to be "too" concerned about. So my question to all of you is have you ever experieinced anything similar, painful lump in breast? And if so what was it cyst? Just curious, trying to set me mind at ease a bit? Been through alot in terms of medical issues in the last 4 years, dont really want to deal with anything else! Just want to live a normal life with less time at the docs office! THANKS!

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answers from Dallas on

Mine ended up being "dense breast tissue due to monthly hormonal changes". It happens almost every month now.

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answers from Houston on

I think your doctor was just doing her job, I guess she really is a good one! Whenever you find anything that can either be one thing or another they have to check and be sure.... and she is doing just that. In case it could be something "more" she is making sure to do things in a timely manner, which in most cases marks a big big difference.

Try (very difficult) not to worry and just follow the steps that you need to make sure you are fine. Do not leave things for "later" is easy to get caught up with a million things and do not care proper care of yourself. So just go to the appointment already made, do not overthink it and keep going!

Hope and am sure you will be completely ok, I have had two cysts removed from my breasts years ago.

Keep us posted,

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answers from Charlotte on

Sassy, I don't know the reasons for this, but if I were you, I'd just enjoy your day today and try not to worry about it. Do something fun, relaxing. Tomorrow, eat a good breakfast/lunch and then go see her. She will tell you whatever it is that she is going to tell you. I hope she shows you the scans, explains the cyst and tells you that everything is going to be okay.

Regardless, worrying about it today will not change tomorrow's outcome. Go find some peace today!


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answers from Hartford on

Your doctor was doing her job in setting up the appointment for you. Most times women WANT to get an appointment as soon as possible to alleviate any worry. In spite of statistics being in your favor of a lump with pain being "just a benign cyst" do you really want to play the odds? If it's cancer, it can progress pretty quickly. There's no reason to wait but every reason to move on it quickly and confirm that it's benign.

It sounds like you have a great doctor. She's staying on top of things.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Take a deep breath and try to relax. Your doctor sounds very proactive, which is GREAT! My old OB used to do this for me, I wish my new one did the same. She's just looking out for you aka her job. I had a breast lump scare a long time ago and it was a fibroadenoma (non-cancerous/benign mass). It ended up resolving on it's own after several months. It's true with most that malignant growths do not usually cause pain and/or sensitivity. Hang in there!

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answers from San Antonio on

A few weeks back (might be a couple months now, not too sure...) I felt a lump in my left breast. I went to the doctor and got the same spiel, "Don't worry about it...", "Let's do a mammo to be sure..." etc.

They set up the appointment for two hours later.

I have a growth on my chest wall. The three doctors who looked at it all agreed, it's a growth that is never cancerous, but does need to be watched. I will have a mammo every year now just to make sure it doesn't get bigger. (And yes, it was painful, the lump, not the mammo.)

Take a deep breath. The timing of the mammo means nothing more than that's when they could get you in. Look at it like this: if you do the mammo now, then you have a great baseline so if you ever find something again, they know what your breasts are supposed to look like.


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answers from Columbus on

Try not to worry, even though she may truly believe it’s nothing to worry about, it’s still a lump and should be checked right.
Good luck to you!

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answers from Amarillo on

You have received good responses. I had a tender spot on my breast for a couple of weeks and called my doctor. I went in to see him about two weeks later and the spot had stopped being tender and turned hard. A mammogram was ordered but both doctor and I said it should have been yesterday. Two days later I went in for a needle biopsy and later for surgery to remove the lump. My lump was cancerous but it was caught at the earliest stage and all I had to do was radiation and pills for five years.

So do go in and get it checked and remember you can't worry about what if until you know what it is.

I trust that all will go well and that it will be nothing.

The other S.

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answers from Sacramento on

maybe she called for you cause she knows she can get you an appointment sooner and given the medical issues she wants to get to it now and not next week or two weeks or a month from now, like it sometimes takes to get a mammo appt. I started having lumpy breasts in my early twenties. I kept having pain and felt a lump the size of a marble. I had to have all kinds of weird tests, my favorite being the water table that i had to lay on with my boobs hanging down into this tank of water. turns out i just have lumpy boobs. the cysts hurt and get enlarged when i drink to much caffeine. some people are just lumpy and you may be one of them! try not to worry!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I found a painful lump the same way right before Christmas 3 years ago. My doctor assured me nothing serious was wrong, but that I needed to be more closely looked at. I had an ultrasound done of the area and was told that it was a fibroadenoma. Nothing serious, but they suggested removal and with the removal a biopsy just to make completely sure nothing serious was going on. I had it removed a few weeks later and the biopsy came back negative for cancer.
Your doctor most likely wants to go over the results with you and discuss what to do from here. In my case, I could have continued with it and taken the chance that it would get larger, more inflamed/painful, or just continue to be bothersome. I chose to remove it because I wanted to make sure cancer was definitely ruled out. Cancer runs rampant in my family history and I'd rather be safe than sorry.
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about and worrying does nothing to improve your life anyway, so why do it!? Enjoy the rest of your day and blessings to you for a healthy appt. tomorrow! Take care!

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answers from Chicago on

My mom went for a second mamogram and they said 80% of the time the lumps are benign or a cyst. The odds are in your favor.

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answers from Washington DC on

Had this happen twice, both times it was just a cyst.

Usually cysts are round and smooth. Cancers tend to be hard and rough.

Your doc probably called as part of their procedure - not because she was alarmed.

I'm sure you'll do fine. They usually will read the mammo while you are there for these types of things to put your mind at ease.

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