Lump in Breast Sent for a Mammogram

Updated on June 21, 2012
C.C. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I have a lump in my breast that I noticed about 2 mo ago. Today I had a doctors appt for a physical and he did a breast exam. He said oh yeah I feel that and immediately said I'm sending you for a mammogram and if they cannot find anything I'm sending you to a surgeon to do a biopsy. This was a little scary to me b/c I was thinking maybe he'd say something like you have fibrocystic breasts which is what I was told 5 yrs ago by my doctor. Now I'm just waiting for the referral to go through and then I can get the mammo, but in the meantime, I'm a little freaked out. I'm trying to relax and know that whatever is meant to happen will and that I don't have control over this, but I'm still scared. Has anyone had this experience? I'm 34 yo. Thank you.

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So What Happened?

thank you everyone for the responses! i went today to have my mammo @ a facility where the radiologist is on site. after the mammo they have you wait in room for the dr. to read it. after a couple min the nurse came back and told me the radiologist now wants an ultrasound. my eyes started to water as she took me into a room to perform the u/s. the nurse spent a good amt of time going over the area of concern and then told me to wait while she speaks to the radiologist about the pictures. she came back and told me everything was fine. the dr. couldn't find anything and she said there was no concern. she gave me a paper that says nothing found. i have no clue if my primary dr. would still want to do a biopsy (i'm just going to have to wait till he gets the results). thanks to everyone again. this was a really hard thing for me, and i thank you for the support.

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answers from Washington DC on

I've had numerous lumps and bumps and ultrasounds on my breasts...all came back fine...

Usually cysts are round and somewhat smooth...cancerous lesions tend to be hard and rough...this is what my doctor told me. Did he say what it felt like?

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answers from Colorado Springs on

In 1995 I went in for a regular mammogram - dragging my heels about it, because it's not my idea of a good time. The radiologist was a very sharp person who said, "Hmm... that tiny place doesn't look quite like cancer but it doesn't look right." So I had to go back later that week for more pictures (which is how it was done back then). Then I had to have a couple of non-surgical biopsies, but the questionable place was so small they couldn't find anything out about it. Finally I had a surgical biopsy, and the doctor found a very small bit of very early cancer. She got all of it out, and I had some lymph nodes removed (just to make sure) and six weeks of radiation therapy (which doesn't hurt), and I have been cancer-free since then.

I'm telling you this so you'll know that you did exactly the right thing by going to the doctor, and you're doing exactly the right thing to get a mammogram. The technology is SO much better now that the whole procedure, from picture to your doctor's decision, may be very quick. If you happen to have cancer, then the earlier it's attacked and conquered the better it is! But you may not have.

After my little adventure, I had mammograms every three months for a while (chewing my fingernails off before each one), and then every six months, and now I'm back to every year (the fingernails still suffer). Sometimes I have to have a second round of pictures, and once in a while I have to have something else, and they've turned out to be false alarms. However, if there's anything the matter with me I want action taken as soon as possible.

You are exercising the control you have over this by doing what your doctor recommends. Good for you! A lump means something. It doesn't always mean cancer (and cancer doesn't always mean a death sentence or anything like that). But you are taking the right action.

Do you go to church? If you ask your church friends to pray for this situation, you will not only have spiritual support, but you'll probably also hear a number of them say, "Oh, I've been through that, too."

Hope this helps a bit. There's a line from an old Dorothy Sayers book that I like to remember: "Facts are like cows; if you look them in the face hard enough, they generally run away."

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answers from Kansas City on

First - Do NOT worry until you have a reason to!

Second - I've had 2 biopsies in the past both 'highly suspicious' and both were fine.

Third - the second one was 15+ years ago, so I'm not sure what they kept thinking they were finding.

Lastly, I was younger than you were. I just turned 50. You have every right to be frightened, but take it from an old timer - don't worry.

My thoughts, prayers and positive energy is heading your way.

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answers from Indianapolis on

((Hugs)) Hope all goes well.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had a lump in my breast last year and my doctor sent me for a Bilateral Ultrasound.
Everything turned out to be fine.
You may just have cysts like your previous doctor said. Can't hurt to check it out.
Good luck momma.

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answers from Columbus on

Stay positive -- there are a lot of things it can be. I have had a lump for years that I had an ultrasound on. Turned out to be a milk duct. That, together with fibrotic cysts, make for lots of lumps. It's scary, but try not to jump to conclusions. Keep us posted!

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answers from St. Louis on

kudos to your dr for jumping on this. I honestly don't know how you lasted 2 months!

I have very lumpy, fibrocystic breasts. The farthest I've had to go was an ultrasound & diagnostic mammogram. No biopsy so far. :)

My 1st mamm was at age 29. 2nd was at age 35, then yearly thereafter due to the # of lumps thruout both breasts. As my dr instructed me, I was taught to thoroughly familiarize myself with each & every lump...a road map of sorts. It really helped.

Now that I'm nearing 50, my breast tissue is continuing to breakdown. Totally sucks! I feel those lumps/bumps even more...

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answers from Chicago on

When my mom went for her second mamogram, they told her that 80% of lumps are not cancerous - and since you have been told you have fibrocystic breasts, your chances of non cancer are greater. Hers was, but only in vry early stage 2 and she has had her surgery and will start her 6 week radiation very soon.

Good for you for doing what you need to do to get it checked out. I think often times the women who don't do self breast exams and don't get regular mamograms are the ones who end up with late-stage cancer and a bad result.

You probably do not have cancer and if you do, it's very treatable. Please let us know how it goes.

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answers from Chicago on

My sister went thru this ... it was nothing. Doctor's rather be safe than sorry, I am going to run with same results as my sister with it's nothing to worry about. Your doctor's following what I understand to be "standard operating procedure."

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answers from Redding on

It can be anything and most likely is nothing but a cyst, so dont freak out.

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answers from Los Angeles on

be grateful you have a doc that is aggressive and wants answers. Many simply tell their patients to wait. I know this is a scary thing but you are young. It also sounds like this is a new discovery and that you are on top of your health so if it is bad it should be early. Remember this is no longer a death sentence. Women beat this EVERYDAY. My grandma was a 28 year 2x BC survivor. (she passed about 6 months ago due to unrelated health complications and the fact the she was now very old). And that was without the technology we have today. Do whatever you can to be in the mindset that you can fight this if it becomes bad news. I wish you the best!



answers from Los Angeles on

Whatever the lump is, it is best to check it out. If for some reason your insurance does not authorize the mammogram, have it anyway! It will be worth it! Good luck!

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