Learning Colors

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Seekig Advice on Ways with Helpling My Son Learn

L.R. asks from Indianapolis

My son will be 4 years old in 4 months. He has been going to a daycare since he was 16 months old. My concerns is that he isn't where he should be at his age if you...


Helping My 21 Month Old Learn to Talk

L.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Mamas! My son said his first word right before his first birthday. He started picking a few more up here and there after that. He's said about 20 different word...


My Five Yr Old Refuses to Learn His Letters

S.B. asks from Houston

I have a five year old son and he is very smart, we have had him in preschool about a year now and he will be going into kindergarten this year while in preschool he ...


Helping Preschooler Learn to Write Letters

S.A. asks from Chicago

My 4 yr old son is in his first year of preschool. He has an August birthday so he's a young 4. I didn't send him to 3 yr preschool because he had just turned 3, an...


5 Year Old Needs to Get Out and Learn

A.M. asks from Seattle

My daughter missed the school cut of for Kindergarten by 3 weeks and she is very ready for school. All the pre-schools are either full or teach what she already know...


Teaching My 3 1/2 Year Old Grandson Abc's, Numbers, Colors, Etc

M.M. asks from Los Angeles

Any suggestions for me teaching my grandson so he can be ready for Kindergarden? He will be 4 in October. Thank you very much, M.


Teaching Toddlers to Repeat Words and Learn New Words

V.V. asks from San Diego

Hi, My son used to repeat words when he was 9 months old and we thought he will start speaking soon as he used to repeat some complex words during that time. But aro...


How Can I Get My 5Yr Old Son to Learn His Alphabet?

B.Y. asks from Miami

He's a stubborn learning. All he wants to do is play


What Does Preschool Children Need to Learn Before Going to K.? Corona, Ca.

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

What does preschool children need to know before going into Kindergarden?


How Can I Help My Three-year-old Learn to Read.

C.N. asks from Chicago

My three-year-old daughter has known her upper case letters for six months, and knows most of the lower case. She enjoys playing with little plastic magnetic letters...