Learning Colors: Infant

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Learning Colors

B.K. asks from Tucson

I have an 18 month old boy who is speaking well and learns quickly but doesn't seem to grasp his colors. When do children normally start to learn colors and what can ...


Learning Colors and Shapes

V.W. asks from Tyler

I have been working with my son since he turned one on his ABC's and 123's. He could say all his ABC's and count to 15 by the time he turned two. While all of this is...


How Old Was Your Child When They Knew Colors?

L.W. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Ladies Im wondering if you can help me. Everything I read online gives me mixed reviews. She will be 3 in December (soo just a shade over 2.5 years old) Im not wo...


How Should I Learn to Do Baby Signing?

D.W. asks from Boise

I was wondering if anyone has bought a baby signing book, and if they found it helpful. What book(s) would you recommend? Should I buy it or just check it out from th...


Artificial Food Colors - HELP

M.R. asks from San Francisco

After reading an article on food colors (red, yellow, blue) I am experimenting with taking my 3 year old off all "yellow, blue and red" colors to see if it will impro...


2/Y Can’t Recognize Colors

E.T. asks from San Francisco

My 2/y baby is very smart. He is good at speaking, using his hands, counting numbers and recognizing various shapes. However, he can’t recognize colors. I have been...


5Y/o Says She Sees Colors When People Are Talking

D.K. asks from Detroit

Out of nowhere, my daughter asked why she sees colors and shapes sometimes. She really didn't seem bothered or concerned, it was like it just popped into her head at ...


Helping Son to Learn Words

S.B. asks from Augusta

My son is almost 14 months and all he says is mama dada and nana. one friend of mines has a son the same age and he knows several words. i try to sit down and read to...


Is 2 to Young to Learn Abcs

S.S. asks from Cincinnati

my son (who turned 2 this August) is just amazing me with what he knows. We have been taking a kind of laid back teaching style, and I was reading the other day how k...


Soon to Be 4 Year Old Not Learning Colors

J.T. asks from Boca Raton

My son will be 4 in April and I and his preschool have noticed that he isn't doing very well learning his colors. I will admit that this is something that I have not...