Toddler Learning Shapes and Colors - Timeline?

Updated on November 13, 2012
R.G. asks from San Clemente, CA
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My 20 mos old daughter seems to be soo smart! She learns so fast! She has already learned her shapes and colors (basics) what is the normal timeline? Is she right on track or ahead for her age? She is also putting 2 words together now. She can also recognize animals and says what sounds like the word ex Dog / she says dawhh.. or if she cant say cat she meows or horse she neehhss etc.. just curious thanks! :)

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answers from Norfolk on

She's on track and doing fine!
Right after my son's 2nd birthday, the non stop chatter started up along with "Why? Why? Why?" about EVERYTHING!
It's a great time for 'Hop on Pop' and 'Red Fish Blue Fish' - my son loved me reading Dr Seuss to him (and point out the colors).
The incredible leaps they make at this age can also lead to frustration.
They want to say more than they have words for - which can lead to tantrums - typical terrible two's and terrible three's stuff.
It's a great age but it can be challenging.

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answers from San Francisco on

Go check out some child development books at the library.
NOT parenting or discipline books, CHILD DEVELOPMENT.
She sounds smart and normal to me, but my kids are all teenagers now so it's hard to remember, lol!
The child development books are great because they let you know what's normal, or not, and when to worry or be concerned. And let me tell you there is a VERY wide range throughout most of childhood of what is considered normal :-)

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answers from Dallas on

She sounds great! It helps when Mommy and/or Daddy talk a lot and points things out. These days kids learn their letters and most of this stuff by the time they start kindergarten....... so you have lots of time. Concentrate on having fun!

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answers from Chicago on

Doesn't sound advanced to me, sorry, Sounds normal. Does she know her letters? If she knew her letters at 18 months-20 months, then I might say she is advanced, otherwise, she is on track. Also, putting two words together is normal. If she was saying 5 or 6 words sentences, then maybe advance, but usually by their 2nd bdays they are stringing lots of words together.

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answers from St. Louis on

sounds great. Start working on simple songs, like the ABC song & nursery rhymes. There are also many options out there for preschool holiday/seasonal songs & fingerplays. By using music, you'll find that her speech will really expand!

By age 2, she should be speaking in short sentences. This is the norm. Encourage her to tell you stories about simple daily experiences. You'll be amazed at what she comes up with!

Your local school district should have developmental guidelines & recommendations for each stage between now & KG. Great resource!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Girls learn so much faster than most boys usually. My daughter was talking in complete sentences at 18 months. My 3 other sons, not so much. LOL

She is now 4 and almost finished with kindergarten. We decided to homeschool our kids, so they they would never be slowed down from learning at the pace they needed. She's writing and spelling words like "avocado". We just encourage her and she takes it and runs with it. We never push her, but allow her to lead the way.

When she was 2, we were at a park and the kids were playing hide 'n seek. This one mom had to count for her 3 year old son because, "he's just 3 and doesn't know his numbers yet." That's ok. My daughter looked incensed and told me, "Mom, I'm 2 and I can count to 10 in English AND Spanish."

Our 1st son was NOT homeschooled in kindergarten, but started kindergarten at 4. He was so bored and wanted more, even though he was in a dual immersion at San Juan Elementary and learned to read and write Spanish before English. This helped his reading tremendously. He just turned 10 and reads at a high school level. He finished all 7 of the Harry Potter books when he was 9 - and read them in 3 weeks on top of all the other work/reading he does. We pulled him out of school after kindergarten when HE asked us to homeschool him. My husband and I weren't even sure if we knew how to do this...but it has turned out gloriously.

Keep encouraging her and let HER lead you. Once they get bored, that's when trouble strikes.

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answers from Dallas on

She sounds right on track, does she know all her letters?

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answers from Austin on

She sounds perfectly on time.. Right on schedule.

No need to worry. Keep her entertained. give her words for everything. She is a little sponge right now.

Enjoy this time, but also be careful with curse words, gossip etc around her. she is too smart to think she is not listening and noticing EVERYTHING going on around her.

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answers from Kansas City on

Some of our daughters talked in complete sentences by this age and especially our first daughter, 3rd child, who knew so much by this age. Girls who are first children and are talked to a lot are usually way ahead of boys in these things. Not that boys are not smart but they are into different things at this age. I think she is where she should be and if you talk to her during the day and spend time teaching her she is probably learning from that too.



answers from Los Angeles on

She sounds normal to me, slightly advanced but not exceptionally. Many kids, especially girls and especially first born kids, are putting two words together and making animal noises at 20 months. Knowing shapes and colors is fairly advanced for her age. I'm not trying to downplay it - she definitely sounds like a smart little girl. I wouldn't order Harvard catalogs yet, though. :D



answers from Cincinnati on

I think she's doing great, but I'm not sure how advanced this is. My daughter was pointing to the correct shapes very early, by her first Christmas and she was born in Feb. I remember, because I was showing her off on Christmas morning and everyone thought I was being crazy until they watched her themselves.

I think the important thing to remember is that kids are VERY smart, and usually a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Always watch what you say, because I think they know what's going on way before we even think its possible.



answers from San Diego on

sounds normal to me. my son by that age was doing a number of animal sounds, counting, and knew most of his A, B, Cs, colors, etc. you're doing a great job and continue to encourage her learning. Also, pointing out and learning fruits and veggies are fun, especially when walking through a grocery store.

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