Learning to Read

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Sight Words

M.R. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Is anybody doing sight words with their kindergardner? Any advice on how to teach a 5 yr old her sight words. I want to make it fun. Any advice would be g...


Sight Words in Kindergarden

C.I. asks from Fort Myers

Ok.. My grandson is in kindergarden & must know 70 sight words to graduate to 1st grade. He has a list of 120 words & right now. He knows 29 words in the 3 secondo...


Learning Sight Words

A.W. asks from Chicago

I have the list of first grade sight words for my daughter and I want to start working on them with her. I need some suggestions on methods to help her learn them (th...


Story Building from Sight Words

S.C. asks from Houston

Hi moms, I'm trying to find a website where I can dump in my daughters current mastered sight words, and have it make up a few stories for her to read. I don't wa...


Reading Phonetic and Sight Workds

V.D. asks from Salt Lake City

I've been teaching my daughter to read using phonics. When do you teach sight words?


WHY Do They Teach Sight Words Instead of Phonics?

A.C. asks from Savannah

Perhaps this is a silly question, but it bothers me. I'm asking here because there are a lot of teachers here, and a lot of moms who have done the "school thing". WHY...


Sight Words/reading Prep

L.W. asks from Washington DC

I have a 5 year old who is enrolled in a pre-Kindergarten program. She's in a group of students who have grasped the material faster (I'm guessing because they're ol...


Helping a 1St Grader Learn Sight Words

C.G. asks from Chicago

Hi! I have a first grader who needs to memorize a list of sight words. (dolch words) They get a list and need to learn the list and then they move on to another lis...


Sight Word On-line Games

K.M. asks from Denver

Yup...title says it all. I am looking for some free on-line sight word games. Little man is trying to read and we need some help with sight words, and he is not a f...


Spelling & Sight Words

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- DS, who is 3, has recently made a game of spelling. He likes to read the letters on just about everything. H-O-T and C-O-L-D on the taps. Street si...