Mac VS. PC??

Updated on August 03, 2008
N.E. asks from Kaneohe, HI
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Hi ladies. I am looking for a new desktop and would really like to know..Mac VS. PC? Whats the pros and cons of both? Id be using it for internet, downloads, photos, music, and typing out some work. I've had a PC since forever and was considering getting me a Mac. I heard they cant get viruses and are very reliable computers. Im no computer expert either. Thanks for your time mamas!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks, mamas for making the decision to go with an iMac so much easier :o) My husband and i went to the Apple store and purchased a nice 24'' iMac and ILOVEIT!!!! Its so fast and easy!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi N. E -
I actually have both PC and Mac. The Mac has been good for design work and has an easier interface. But the PC is more suited for word processing, gaming, etc. The programs for the Mac cost more than PC, and there are more programs available for the PC... this is changing though.

I've had to replace the HD in my Mac Mini, so if you get a Mac, get a full computer to avoid problems. The PC I have is a Dell XPS and is uber powerful. But I recommend external backup drives for either computer.

Hope that helps...

Also, I have a Dell 1525 Inspiron laptop that is pretty nice. They are going for great prices right now.

Good luck! - L.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My husband and I both went back to Mac this year after having PC's for over 10 years. I love it because I mainly use it for photos, music, etc. It's just so intuitive...really love it. We both have a MacBook Pro, and our next desktop will be an iMac. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I am a professional photographer and have used both Mac and PC. I LOVE my MAC computers. I have a laptop MAC BOOK and a desktop the iMac. I only us my Mac Computers now for both home and business. I would not go back to a PC for anything - the Mac has so many wonderful programs and I get no spam - viruses, it does not crash, slow down or randomly experience errors. I highly recommend getting a MAC - you will LOVE it!!
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answers from Honolulu on

Mac. I've used both PC and Mac extensively, both for casual personal use, and for intense graphics, photo projects, editing, downloading of all sorts, files, databases, etc.

I like my Mac better for these purposes... it's faster, quicker, easier to navigate, and for graphics/photos much easier to fiddle around with and learn.

Another thing is, a Mac does not "crash" all the time like a PC....nor does it "stall" on downloading heavy files nor does it simply bug out while in the middle of a download. It's a more stable operating system and platform it seems. Although I'm not a "tech" expert... just through using both for many years, and for my graphic designing business, I find the Mac more "enjoyable" to use and handle. It's so much more fun as well. I love it! I don't think I would go back to PC, unless I had no choice.

I have a Mac OS X. It has cool and nifty software it comes with... very easy to use, and very easy to learn. It's great for music too or for making videos or viewing videos etc.

Anyway, just my opinion as a Mac and PC user. I use my Mac much more, than my PC.

Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

My husband IS a computer expert. He built his own PC from scratch a few years ago. He wrote code for his employer in the early 90s. (But that's not what he does for a living.) He was a die-hard PC lover. One day 3 years ago my sister brought over her Mac laptop. I was in love. I could never handle/figure out the 10 steps to download photos. With a mac (I have my own laptop) everything is EASY.

DH switched to a mac 2 years ago. He loves it. His computer used to crash all the time. With his PC he spent hours and hours and hours trying to research things, fix things, remedy this or that (at least he knew how to do it, most people don't).

Go with a Mac. You won't regret it.



answers from Los Angeles on

Looking at what your planning on using your computer for...MAC!! I love the ease of downloading photos & music and how compatible it is with my ipod, etc...I get into this "battle" with other co-workers (entertainment industry) & undeniably MAC comes out a winner everytime! good luck with your choice!!!



answers from San Diego on

Hey Nashes Mom, I don't know much about computers, we have HP w 22 which is great, The last time I heard from you didn't your little girl have an illness that the doctors were not sure about? so what happened? J.



answers from Los Angeles on

MAC, MAC, MAC, MAC!! I was a PC person until recently, still am of sorts cause have to use PCs at work. My husband and I do the billing for his company and we had a PC with Vista on it. That thing was one problem after another! Ohmigosh! I can't tell you the headaches it caused us. Then after 9 mo. the hard drive crashed, and everything was gone!! All of our customer info, company info, gone in a split second. And the irony is my hubby had turned it on so he could back up all the data when it crashed! So needless to say we went with a Mac laptop as a replacement and it is heaven! Took me all of maybe an hour to set it up, set up the accounting software, and input a bunch of data. Soooo very much easier to use and doesn't have the issues that PCs do. We will never buy another PC again!



answers from Los Angeles on

I've used both and like both- Mac is better for graphics, pics and music though. Still, some of the store-bought software like scrapbooking, cardmaking, etc. is less expensive and more available in PC.



answers from Los Angeles on

N. E,

When I see Mac vs PC, I get a little excited! I've been a Mac user since 1988. I am a computer graphic artist, and as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing better than a Mac.

Even through all of the changes over the years, the Mac is very user friendly. It has great capability for photos, music or anything else for that matter. It also has an excellent filing system, making it very easy to find your things.

Even with all of my computer experience, when I have tried to use a PC, I felt lost. I'm sure that PC users wouldn't feel that way, but I did.

I have an iMac G5 that I love. The whole computer is in the screen. The CD/DVD drive is on the side of the screen, so it doesn't take up a lot of room.

The price of a Mac is probably more than a PC, but I feel it's worth it; Very reliable and VERY RARELY HAVE VIRUSES! I've never had a virus in 20 years. Ask PC users about that issue.

Good luck!
D. R.



answers from Los Angeles on

I LOVE that you asked this question!
I was PC user until I got married when my husband got me to make the switch. What a difference!!!
Macs are so much more stable. No crashing, no viruses!
I still use PC's now and then and I just appreciate Mac even more. I am astounded at how much time PC users put in for repairing, reloading, researching, etc, for computer problems. I think that it happens so often that it can become an expected part of owning a computer (a PC).

The down side of Mac is that there isn't as much software made for Macs, and some programs work better in their PC format. Usually that is because companies don't put in the money to develop Mac software properly. Quickbooks would be an example of that.

For the applications and uses that you mentioned, absolutely Mac is the way to go. Mac excels in the management of photos and music. As for office programs, the Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel) work great in Mac.

If you should end up deciding to go with a PC, my strongest recommendation is to stay away from Vista and go with Windows XP. Vista is a nightmare. I will be switching my mother's computer from Vista to XP. Vista is highly "buggy". XP is more stable.

One other note - PC's tend to become obsolete so much quicker than Macs. Spend a little more on a bigger hard drive, and you'll have a Mac that will last you for many years.

All the best!

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