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Reflux or Just Fussy? Try Chiropractic?

Hi there - Our 3.5 month old baby has always been a little fussier than my first was....he is an irregular eater (sometimes wants to eat every 90 min, sometimes goes 4 hours or more!), sometimes seems hungry but doesn't latch, doesn't really stay asleep much past 45 min during the day unless I'm with him (longer at night because we are co-sleeping), starting to be ok with being put down for more than 10 min at a time, but generally has really liked being close to mama, doesn't like the carseat.....oh, and has really stinky gas! (dr. said...


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Somebody Have Experience with Ergo Baby / Baby Carrier

I just bought babay carrier from ergo. When I used it, I concern about her leg because it's open widely. I'm worried that will hurt her. The first time when I used it my daughter start crying a couple minutes and after that it was oke. Before I had baby bjorn but it really hurt my shoulder, because of that I try ergo baby. I need it because we wiil go for traveling next month. Can some body help me? It is oke if her leg open so widely? May be there is more baby carrier?


Ped or Not?

We traveled to NYC last weekend, and I think my son (almost 5) picked up a...