Reflux or Just Fussy? Try Chiropractic?

Updated on July 14, 2011
M.A. asks from Cambridge, MA
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Hi there -
Our 3.5 month old baby has always been a little fussier than my first was....he is an irregular eater (sometimes wants to eat every 90 min, sometimes goes 4 hours or more!), sometimes seems hungry but doesn't latch, doesn't really stay asleep much past 45 min during the day unless I'm with him (longer at night because we are co-sleeping), starting to be ok with being put down for more than 10 min at a time, but generally has really liked being close to mama, doesn't like the carseat.....oh, and has really stinky gas! (dr. said this is normal, but it's seriously bad!)
I have attributed all of this to just being a different baby, but conversations during a recent visit with friends and family makes me wonder if it could be reflux. He doesn't really spit up much and, knock on wood, doesn't have that colic-y cry for hours, but they suggested that maybe he has reflux or something else.
My temptation is to try chiropractic care rather than chemicals - we had luck with this for our 2 year old's ears - but I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried it with a baby this young with or without results. Also feel like he doesn't really have such serious symptoms that dr. would rx antacids...we haffve a 4-month appt coming up soon, so I'll ask.
Just looking for someone who has been here & trying to decide what to do....

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answers from Seattle on

Yes try chiropractic! It worked for my daughter and about 8 other babies I know who had similar issues. I'd give the Chiro a month to get it worked out then still go once in a while, you'll always have a spine and always fall, grow, bend, etc. To me it's like the dentist, you don't ignore your teeth, so why the most important part of your body? (spine/nervous system) my kids go once a month or every other month at least!

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answers from Kansas City on

my chiropracter taught me a massage technique for babies with reflux/colic. it is super easy and he said to do it at each diaper change, it is a tummy massage, i cant really explain all my boys have/had reflux.

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answers from Boston on

I would google a naturopathic doctor in your area and get their opinion. I have always had the best luck with them. A chiropractor 'may' be able to help. I'd try it before giving him medications that may cause more harm than good in the long run.
Good luck! S.



answers from San Francisco on

yep, worked for my colicy daughter! give it a try!



answers from Boston on

My daughter had reflux/colic/cow and soy milk allergies, so we ended up going the chemical route. However, while we were working through her issues we tried non-chemical solutions as well. One exercise we tried was to slowly pushed her legs into her tummy and rolled them along her tummy. This helped eliminate some gas from her belly. She seemed to like it. Also, we found feeding her while bouncing on a yoga ball really calmed her. Our daughter really liked the swing for naps, and some days I just carried her in the baby Bjorn because she seemed to like the pressure of me against her belly. Good luck!



answers from Boston on

If you are breastfeeding the baby could be sensitive or allergic to what you are eating. Try eliminating dairy and see if it helps.



answers from Dallas on

We tried this at around the same age and it helped a little, but not enough to truly give my DD relief.

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