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Seeking Playgroups in Hyde Park

I.B. asks from Chicago

Hi, We are moving to Hyde Park in March 2010 from Montreal and I'm wondering what kind of playgroups/programs there are available for my 2 1/2 yr old son? It's an...


Is It Suppose to Hurt

D.D. asks from Pittsburgh

I had an IUD today. My cervic was hard to find, and she had to use a couple of different instruments,and made it bleed. It was ok today until this evening. I was sta...


G.A.T.E. Program in Middle School

L.M. asks from Boise

Do any of you have any insight to the GATE program? (Gifted And Talented Education). My daughter is in 6th grade and her entire school "career" has been flooded wit...


What Are Your Kindergartner and First Graders Doing in School?

A.K. asks from Dallas

I am curious what the kiddos in school are doing in first grade and kinder these days. I have been homeschooling my almost 5 year old this year and am curious what th...


What Does This Sound like to You???

A.S. asks from Reading

this past weekend my 16month old had a fever for 3 days and it was high but ib prof was lowering it. so i took him to the drs ears were fine but throat was a little ...


All the Sudden 11 Month Old Won't Sleep!

C.P. asks from Jacksonville

My 11 month old daughter all of the sudden will not just lie down and go to sleep. She has always been a pleasure to put to sleep. Starting Monday night she cried a...


Son Getting Sick with Fever of 103.3 This Morning I Havea Q

A.S. asks from Reading

hello my 16 month old had fever since sat. today i called off work he had a fever of 103.3 we went to drs. which of course ohhhh its just a virus coming on mixed with...


Learning How to Spell

S.W. asks from Minneapolis

My nine-year-old daughter is in 4th grade and is doing just great in all subjects....except spelling. To give you some idea about how her brain works: She has excelle...


1St Period After Baby!

N.C. asks from Dallas

Hello ladies...well the title says it all. I'm finally having my 1st period after having my baby 6 months ago. I also breastfed for 3 months so it's taken 3 months ...


Has Anyone Found a Thermometer That WORKS?

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

Oliver is just over 2. Since the time he was born we have tried over 10 different thermometers, including the ones that the hospital and dr office gave us. None of th...