Did You Go to Public School or Private School?

Updated on May 12, 2010
L.C. asks from Shawnee, KS
18 answers

ok, a friend of mine and i are having a debate and i want your ladies opinions too!

Did you go to public school or private school?

How do you feel about your education?

how were your grades?

how sexually promiscius were you during high school?

how sexually promiscius were you after graduating or during college?

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answers from Kansas City on

(1) public
(2) excellent - I went to college on a full-ride academic scholarship
(3) 100% not
(4) 100% not



answers from Houston on

public through12th, public undergrad, private law school. I was raised well and kept out of trouble because I respected my morals and my parents. Like other posters have said - It's not about public/private it's about family. My only regret was not going to public law school - could have saved $100k in tuition...

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answers from Denver on

I went to public school in the Chicago area. I got a great education and went on to earn a master's degree... I truly believe that public schools are best as long as they are safe. It allows our children to learn (sometimes not easily) how to live in the "real world" and grow up with diversity of ideas and backgrounds, and learn to make tough choices because that is what life is all about.

Regarding the promiscuity - that has more to do with open communication with your children and teaching them self respect and to respect others.

Sheltering our children for too long doesn't "help" them. Just my opinion of course... : )

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answers from Washington DC on

Did you go to public school or private school? I went to public school in Europe

How do you feel about your education? I feel I have a very good education, I know I have a better education than my husband ( he went to school in the US and has a Highschool diploma). I speak 3 languages, I am well travelled throughout Europe, I have a good knowledge when it comes to History and Sience.

how were your grades? I think I had good grades, some subject better than others.

how sexually promiscius were you during high school? What does this have to do with anything??

how sexually promiscius were you after graduating or during college? Again I fail to see the relevance. To be honest...Non of your beeswax.

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answers from Minneapolis on


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answers from San Diego on

I moved every 2 years... so I went to a grand total of 8 public schools (including one DoD school). We always moved into the "best" district and bought or rented next to the "best" schools. I can tell you "best" is EXTREMELY variable. My middle school covered ALL of my highschool's curriculum by 7th grade. My DoD school was teaching addition and subtraction in the 5th grade, while my next school was doing algebra in the 5th grade. Shakespeare and Chaucer in both grade 6 and grade 12, but only in the AP grade 12 class. I wasted 4 years of my life by going to highschool.

My grades were erratic (adhd). I had to grow up to realize that school isn't about learning, it's about playing the game. In difficult/ AP classes I got A's. In easy classes I passed if the teacher felt sorry for me. LOL my transcripts are hilarious, actually. Grade 8 Trig & Geometry & PreCalc = A. Grade 9 Pre Algebra = D. Grade 8 Inorganic Chem = A. Grade 9 "Science" (seriously??? "science"??) C+. Grade 12 AP US History = A, Grade 11 US History D+.

Sexually promiscuous HS : nope
Sexually promiscuous College : I was already married with a baby when I started college @ 23
Sexually promiscuous USMC : Check (aka between highschool & college ;)

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answers from St. Louis on

I attended public school K-12 and loved it! My HS had the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, similar to the AP program, so the curriculum was quite rigorous. It more than prepared me for college, which was actually EASIER than my high school courses (I attended Truman State Univ.). I had straight A's in both HS and college, and had all A's with one B in grad school. I was a virgin throughout HS and had one partner in college, to whom I am happily married.

I have also worked in both private and public schools. My opinion is this: if your child is at either end of the abilities spectrum (special needs on one end or gifted on the other) then public school offers much more in terms of resources and support. More typical students would have benefits from either. Public schools seem to offer more in terms of extra-curricular activities. Private schools seem to be more of a community since, in my experience, they tend to be smaller. Neither is immune from sex, drugs, etc. The private middle school where I worked had a student expelled for sexual harassment; a public middle school where I worked had a student expelled for drug distribution. The bottom line is, for most students, school is what you make of it.

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answers from New York on

hahahaha, I would love to hear how these questions came about. Did one of you say that you are more likely to be promiscuous if you attended private/public school?

I attended public school. I felt I had a fantastic education. My grades were in the B's. And I was not and never have been promiscuous!



answers from New York on

I went to public schools. The elementary school (K-8) was not the greatest as it was small (we had a class of 50) so we didn't have many opportunities. For example to of the other schools in our district offered algebra to 8th graders, our school didn't even start on the basics, so when the schools were united in high school, I felt very far behind. I graduated as salutatorian of my 8th grade class.

My high school was excellent. There were lots of college prep classes, and lots of classes that prepared students for the real life after high school, so that they would be able to get jobs and manage life. My grades were mostly A's, and I graduated with honors. I was not sexually promiscius in high school and neither were my friends.



answers from Chicago on

Private (Catholic) schools from K-College

How I feel about my education -- I wouldn't change anything about my experiences. Not only did I get a great education, but I was also able to do many things at my small school that I probably would not have been able to do at larger public schools. I was in umpteen different clubs, played 1 varsity sport, and JV for 2 others, sang in the choir and got a few solos and duets. I was not a great athlete in any sport, and I think I might not even make the team at some other schools, but I did make the team and our teams were very competitive, going to the state tournament, or at least getting pretty far along in the playoffs.

Grades - Almost all A's and B's

Sexual Promiscuity during HS - None -- I dated one guy for 4 mos in HS but the most we ever did was kissing

Sexual Promiscuity after -- Not -- The only guy I have ever been with is my hubby



answers from Kansas City on

I went to private, all female schools from K-12. The old Loretto school for grade school and St. Teresa's Academy for high school. I went to UMKC for college.

I truly believe that I was far more prepared for college than my public school counter-parts. I remember being in an college English I class and being the only person in the class who had done a research paper before. At the time, I was pretty shocked by this.

I was never sexually promiscuous my whole life. I was very close with my family, and they kept close tabs on me until I left home at age 23 (after I bought a home). I think my parents' moral code stuck with me after that.

The other element of my education that was significant was that I went to all female schools until college. I think this was very important for me, as I wasn't distracted by boy drama and more importantly, I was never told I couldn't do anything because I was a female. Now remember, I was in H.S. during the mid-70's, and things were different for women then. The feminist movement was just beginning. Ironically, when I went to college, I wanted to take a handball gym class for my requirements, and they told me I couldn't because I was a "girl". I stood up for myself and went to the head of the athletic dept....I got to play handball. But still, my high school was VERY college-goal oriented, and I think that is very important for young women.

My sister & brother-in-law are both public high school teachers (in Lee's Summit) and they are sending their daughter to private school from K-12, as I will do with my daughter. They have unbelievable stories about the lack of interest on the part of a lot of parents, which we all feel really reflects on what type of student the child is.

Bottom line, I do think that it all has more to to with the home environment and your personal involvement with your children.



answers from Dallas on

I went to Public School my whole life. My parents would buy a smaller house in a great school system, over having a big house in a bad school system. Every place we lived the first thing the considered is "Where are the good schools?"

I got a good education. My grades were all over the place. I got bored easily and since I moved a lot I missed all those tests for being pushed into the gifted and AP classes. In High School I decided to get all A's one semester just to prove I could. Then I went back to never doing homework and worrying about nothing but Theater. (I graduated college when I was 31, after returning to school. I dropped out when I was younger after I married the first time.)

I was never sexually promiscuous. Not in high school or college. I've slept with three men, total in my life. I've kissed very few more then that. I believe that intimacy is best where there are real deep feelings there and I am very afraid of STDs. hehe. I've never had a one night stand. For the record I surrounded myself with friends like me. None of my friends were promiscuous either. Several of them didn't lose their virginity until their mid/early 20s.



answers from Boise on

Private K-8, then public. My grades were great. I felt unprepared for the social pressures of a public school. I wouldn't say promiscuous, but probably before I was ready.



answers from Denver on

Did you go to public school or private school? I went to "Country Day" school 'till 8th grade. It's a secular curriculum as not all private schools are religiously based.

How do you feel about your education? After transferring to public school in 9th grade I realized how good I had it at private school, the curriculum was at least 3 years more advanced. (My history book issued for 9th grade was the same one I had already been through in 5th grade. I returned theirs, pulled out my old one then snooozzzeeddd my way through 1st period history)

how were your grades? Awful in both schools. I had a hard time keeping up in private school and gave up entirely in public since the curriculum was too easy.

how sexually promiscius were you during high school? I quit HS. So as an adult I suppose I was 'average'.

how sexually promiscius were you after graduating or during college? I was married by college, so *very* with my DH :)



answers from Phoenix on

Did you go to public school or private school? public school

How do you feel about your education? I think my education was above average, not the best of the best but definitely better than a lot of others in the area.

how were your grades? They were pretty good. It also depended on how much effort I put in. If it was boring I probably didn't do it. But I loved writing, history, even Spanish, so I excelled in those classes. I was also in mostly AP classes.

how sexually promiscius were you during high school? I went on a few dates and kissed 2 boys once each. In my senior year my now husband and I began to date, even got engaged. We were sexually active but I put a lot of the blame for not waiting on my parents marriage falling apart.

how sexually promiscius were you after graduating or during college? I never finished college but I married my only partner.

I truly believe it has more to do with the relationship with the parents and their children then what school they went to. Most of my friends were not sexually active until at least some time in college. I also went to catechism classes at church and it varied even among that group which was split equally between Catholic school and public school. Until the point that my parents marriage was visibly crumbling I never had any intention to do so before marriage but things changed when my world turned upside down. My parents always were very open about discussing sex-waiting was better but they wanted us to know to practice safe sex if we didn't.



answers from Dallas on

I went to public school all through high school and at least in my area, the education at the public schools was the same or better than the area private schools. Also, the private schools graded more harshly, so what would of been an A in public, would of been a B in private, which could hurt your chances of getting into colleges. I was a virgin through high school and had one partner in college. However, the private Methodist college I went to in North Carolina, had the highest STD rate percentage wise in the state. Also, there was a private Catholic All Girl high school in my hometown that had a horrible reputation as far as promiscuous girls. I don't think sexual behavior is dictated by what type of school you go to but rather how you are raised.



answers from Sacramento on

Public school, all the way through college. I felt I received a terrific education. I still use what I learned in college in my job now almost 20 years later. My grades were excellent -- mostly As and Bs. I was never promiscuous.



answers from Dallas on

I went to both private and public school. I went to private elementary and junior high and a public high school. My parents chose private when I was young because of the poor school system where we lived, but chose public high school because we moved to an area that had a nice high school. I enjoyed public school much more. I feel I got a good education in all 3 of the schools I attended and made average grades throughout my education. I was not at all promiscuous in high school and I would consider my college years to be average as compared with others my age. I really don't think school has anything to do with being sexually active. Hopefully, children get their knowledge and moral beliefs about sex from their parents. I saw just as much hanky panky going on in private school as I did in public. Hope this helps.

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