Gifted & Talented Child

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Help with a Gifted Child and His Teacher

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

My son has started third grade and is way ahead of the class work. He has always been ahead but he seems to be getting farther away now. I spoke with his teacher and ...


What Should a Child Know by Kindergarten?

T.P. asks from Provo

I have a 5 year old who has been in an excellent preschool for the past 2 years. Recently, his preschool teacher told me he will be bored when he goes to kindergarte...


Gifted What??

A.H. asks from Minneapolis

Hi all, My son is in First grade, and was initially thought to have ADHD by his school teacher, so we took in him to be evaluated and the results were that he ha...


Young 5'S Vs. Kindergarten

M.C. asks from Detroit

I don't know what is best for my son. If I change him to kindergarten, am I putting my own selfish needs ahead of what is best for my son? Should I listen to my ped...


Asperger's Syndrome, Gifted Child

C.F. asks from Dallas

My son recently turned 4. His preschool teacher seems to think he may have Asperger's syndrome. I, a former teacher, do not agree with this diagnosis. He is very sm...


My Son Is Bored in Kindergarten

L.H. asks from Tampa

My son and daughter (twins) started Kindergarten this year. I understand that the school year has just started, but my son is bored and came home with a straight face...


Trying to Get Daughter into Kindergarten

C.Y. asks from Chicago

My daughter will be 5 years old on Sept 14th, and the school Kindergarten cut off date is the 1st. I went through the early entrance assessments, and she was denied. ...


Advice on Early Admission to Kindergarten

J.E. asks from Indianapolis

Hello moms! I am considering enrolling my daughter into kindergarten early. I am looking for feedback on pros and cons of this. She will miss the cut-off date in our ...


Early Enrollment for Kindergarten

K.D. asks from Raleigh

Has anyone enrolled their child early for Kindergarten? My daughter will be 5 Sept. 30th. She is very advanced already for her age, but the cut off for enrolling ch...


Grouping in Kindergarten in Texas

C.M. asks from Dallas

Hey Moms I'm asking this question (or few questions) mainly because I am curious. My daughter will be starting kindergarten this fall so I am wanting to learn as ...