Gifted & Talented Child: Teen

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Help with Highly Gifted Child

K. asks from Las Vegas

My 9-year-old daughter has been tested and classified as Highly Gifted (HG). Her IQ is 150+, but her behavior at school is terrible. I'm told this is normal for HG ...


Gifted Child Failing

M.R. asks from Dallas

I am at my wit's end. My 13 year old girl is in 8th grade. She was identified as gifted and talented in 5th grade. She was diagnosed as ADD (not ADHD) in 7th grade...


Gifted Children and Unfair Responses

S.J. asks from Wichita

I don't understand why some people get so offended if a person says, "my child is gifted", or why anyone should feel like they should keep it to themselves if they ar...


Testing Out of Kindergarten

A.K. asks from Dallas

Are there any moms out there that decided to have their child test to skip kindergarten and begin first grade? Our daughter is 4 and won't be entering Kindergarten u...


6 Year Old May Be Artistically Gifted So....

E.M. asks from Denver

Do we do anything about it? From what I've read online, that being artistically gifted doesn't mean much in school, other than the child will do some of the best art...


Gifted Child Skipped 1St but Thinking It Was a Bad Idea Now.

J.J. asks from South Bend

What would you do? Our child has been very gifted since 9 months of age. Reading very early, doing basic math by 4, and has an amazing photographic memory. During ...


Starting Kindergarten Early???

A.S. asks from Minneapolis

I had my youngest in to the Dr on Friday for his 4 yr check up and I left feeling happy but shocked. He is a happy, smart and energetic boy. When I was reading over...


Young 5'S Vs. Kindergarten

M.C. asks from Detroit

I don't know what is best for my son. If I change him to kindergarten, am I putting my own selfish needs ahead of what is best for my son? Should I listen to my ped...


Trying to Get Daughter into Kindergarten

C.Y. asks from Chicago

My daughter will be 5 years old on Sept 14th, and the school Kindergarten cut off date is the 1st. I went through the early entrance assessments, and she was denied. ...


Advice on Early Admission to Kindergarten

J.E. asks from Indianapolis

Hello moms! I am considering enrolling my daughter into kindergarten early. I am looking for feedback on pros and cons of this. She will miss the cut-off date in our ...