Gifted & Talented Child: The First Years

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Seeking Advice for My Gifted Child

S. asks from Houston

Hi, I have a 4-year-old boy who is very intelligent. He was reading and doing multiplication at age 2....I've been teaching him preschool at home but have recently e...


Testing Out of Kindergarten

A.K. asks from Dallas

Are there any moms out there that decided to have their child test to skip kindergarten and begin first grade? Our daughter is 4 and won't be entering Kindergarten u...


Early Enrollment for Kindergarten

K.D. asks from Raleigh

Has anyone enrolled their child early for Kindergarten? My daughter will be 5 Sept. 30th. She is very advanced already for her age, but the cut off for enrolling ch...


Kindergarten in the Fall or Wait

S. asks from Minneapolis

We are trying to determine whether or not to send our son to kindergarten in the fall or not. He has a summer birthday, so we can really go either way (He'll be 5 t...


Age Cut off for Kindergarten

R.J. asks from Boston

My son's birthday is October 5th, which means that he will miss the age cut off for the Westborough kindergarten by about a month. For a while this wasn't too much o...


Scared About Kindergarten - and My Son Is Only 3!

L.D. asks from Dallas

My son has a May birthday. I am a former teacher and know that little boys with spring and summer birthdays often have a hard time their first few years in school - t...


Should I Hold Back on Kindergarten a Year or Not?

P.L. asks from San Diego

My son will be 5 this week and have him set up to start kindergarten in August. I just have been having this nagging feeling like I should not start him this year. Le...


Kindergarten Homework - What Is the Value?

T.T. asks from San Diego

I'd love to hear different opinions on this. My son is in kindergarten. He gets two packets of homework every Monday - one for math and one for reading. He is supp...


Ready for Kindergarten

N.S. asks from Greensboro

My daughter is 4 years old and has a September birthday. She has been going to a preschool for two years now and is in the fours class. I recently had a review with h...


Too Smart for Kindergarten?

C.D. asks from Chicago

OK moms, I know we all think we have the smartest kid in the world, but I'm actually worried that my son is going to be bored in Kindergarten. He already knows how t...