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Updated on April 20, 2008
L.H. asks from Opelika, AL
12 answers

My daughter just turned 1 and I was wondering if there are still any foods that I should avoid giving her? (Like- honey, peanut butter, etc.)

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answers from Fayetteville on

You can say hurray to peanut butter at 1 year (as long as there is no one else in her family allergic)and chocolate and whole milk!! I've heard different things re honey, with my 1st (who is now 3 1/2) I was told no honey until age 2, with my 2nd who is now 16 mos I've heard just one year. I haven't given it to her yet. Some things you want to make sure your child can chew well on crunchy stuff-my 16 mo daughter has all 4 1yr molars and likes raw carrots and apples (no peel) and can eat whole grapes and loves pistachios (as long as she is in my lap). As for hot dogs just make sure you cut them lengthwise as well as across (so they are half circles)there is less chance of choking.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I would ask your Dr. about traditionally allergic foods and discuss any family history of allergies before introducing. Lots of things are still choking hazards, popcorn & hot dogs already mentioned (gerber does a toddler meat stick that is pretty similar & breaks up more easily) but also whole grapes, raw apples, potato skins, (raw or not soft) broccoli stalks, stringy asparagus and things like that can still be too tough for children w/o molars to break them down. I also try to avoid sweets (cookies, candies, fruit snacks, cakes) and lot of other processed foods (chips etc.), caffeinated beverages etc. I know a lot of people give their children this kind of thing on a regular basis, but I think it's tough for them to process all that sugar and still be manageable (they have enough issues w/ independence and hyper activity as it is), and I also believe that there is something to the idea that teaching them good food habits early is extremely important to healthy eating later. Also, I'm not sure there isn't anything wrong with having a snack yourself that the child isn't able to share (obviously if EVERYTHING you eat/snack on is inappropriate for your toddler, you may want to reevaluate your own eating habits) but I think it can be valuable for them to learn that just because someone else has something (even mommy) doesn't mean that they are entitled to have some too. Just my two cents.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My doc said avoid high allergy risk food until one year: honey, peanut butter, eggs, shellfish, sometimes glutens although this is more rare. But he said I could start introducing them after one year.

My advice is:

1) Don't try any food that another family member is already allergic to. Wait until older.

2) Try one new food at a time so you'll know which food it is if baby does have an allergic reaction.

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answers from Huntsville on

As far as allergies go, at one year of age toddlers can eat just about anything. I would just avoid giving her any foods that any family members have an allergy to until she is a little older. For those foods, it may be best to wait until she communicates well enough to tell you she feels funny in case she has a severe reaction after eating. Some people say to hold off on pnb until 3 or so, but opinions vary. My son got his first taste at 11 months and it is a go-to food for us he loves it so much!
I'd suggest you introduce these new foods the same way you did when baby was just starting solids - try one at a time and wait several days between new foods to see if any allergies appear. Also, with acidic foods like citrus, give in small amounts and water down juices to avoid bad diaper rash.
Only whole milk or the equivalent until at least age 2 (some peds say until 3-5 years old) she still needs the high fat content.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Just foods that are a choking hazard. Things like grapes, hot dogs, popcorn etc. need to be cut up into really small pieces.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

They say hotdogs, popcorn, peanut butter, etc because of choking hazards, but I dice up hotdogs really small after cutting off the skins and my son who just turned one today chows down. He has been eating popcorn for a month or two but is supervised and I can do CPR if he chokes. He thinks he is big so unless we don't eat certain things till he goes to bed...



answers from Lawton on

honey, peanut butter, shellfish (like shrimp, crab, etc), and strawberries



answers from Oklahoma City on

Have you tried to give her eggs or not? If not they say that a lot of kids are allergic to eggs when they are young, but me personally i gave my children eggs and they were fine. I really don't know what to say about the foods. I would suggest that you ask her doctor and see what he/she says about the foods that you should avoid for her age. Good luck on her wanting to eat the different foods because she might not eat one food one day and another day she might, so just because she doesn't eat a certain food one day she might like it another day, so just because she doesn't eat it one day doesn't mean that she doesn't like it and she might grow to like it when she is older because taste buds change.



answers from Anniston on

The only one that I know of is raw honey. I learned in my nutrition class a couple of semesters ago that the spores in honey are hard to digest. This makes it very rough on a stomach under 2 years old. Also, since they are spores, they can make her sick since her immune system is so young. Cooked honey is fine though because cooking it kills the spores. Have fun with her! I miss my son being 1 and can't wait for my daughter to get there. It's such a fun age, even though all the others are wonderful too.



answers from Oklahoma City on

i remember honey peanut butter watermelon and shell fist these are the ones that have high food allergies for 1 year olds. and dont forget the ones that they can choke on the other moms mentioned



answers from Enid on

Happy 1st Birthday to your daughter! Besides foods that are choking hazards as mentioned in other responses, I recommend avoiding unsafe food additives, MSG & hidden MSG, soy, dairy products with growth hormone, gummy/fruit snacks, acidic/sour drinks & foods (soda/Gatorade), and highly allergenic foods (eggs until 2, peanuts, tree nuts, fish & shellfish until 3). Below are some websites for more information.

Xylitol is one thing that is good for reducing the bacteria that causes cavities. It is a natural sweetener that is in several products. It is recommended for caregivers to chew xylitol gum to reduce their bacteria in order to reduce the amount given to their children. Bacteria that causes cavities is contagious. More info is on the websites.

Make sure your daughter is getting enough iron in her diet, too.

American Acadmy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology: to Today Show episode about xylitol


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