How Do I Know If My Baby Is Allergic to Strawberries?

Updated on June 09, 2011
S.S. asks from Douglasville, GA
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My husband and I make our own baby food for our daughter, and strawberries/banana puree mixed are one of her favorite breakfast foods. We started given them to her probably at 8 months old. I just found out that strawberries are an odd food because they can cause hives and other allergy reactions. How would I know if she was allergic? I'm assuming she isn't, but I had no idea I had to be aware of THAT one! :)

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answers from Atlanta on

I have heard of strawberries causing allergic reaction but I don't think it's common. If she was allergic you would already know! She would have a rash or itching or even breathing issues. Other reactions could happen with allergies or intolerances to things such as milk - you can get tummy troubles. The advice with allergies is to introduce a new food every 3 days. You would notice a severe allergy and not be confused as to what caused it.

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answers from Missoula on

If she isn't reacting she isn't allergic.

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answers from Cleveland on

If she was allergic, you would know it!
My SIL gave eggs to her daughter at six months (as she had with her older two), and her face broke out in an awful rash within minutes. She took her to the ER, where they told her she was having an allergic reaction. They kept an eye on her, but didn't really do anything because she was breathing ok.
You have to be careful of strawberries, eggs, nuts, and honey all before little one's are a year old.



answers from Detroit on

I actually just found out that my 10 month old is allergic to strawberries. I gave her the banana/strawberry baby food, and I definitely knew right away. She broke out in a terrible rash.



answers from Washington DC on

Wait. Then try her when she's older (or ask you pediatrician, instead of us). My daughter had strawberry the first time at about 14 months one lunchtime, had her usual nap, and woke up with a very rashy bottom that faded. I knew it was the one new food, the strawberries. However she now is much older and I'm going to try her again soon. She does eat strawberry yogurt etc. and has for years, just not fresh ones. I have heard they can outgrow this one -- but would check with the doctor first.



answers from Boston on

Just wanted to let you know that gerber and parents choice have strawberry baby food.


answers from Philadelphia on

my daughter was fine untik 12 months then got hives..i never knew that was a food to wait for!


answers from Dallas on

Most pediatricians that you do not give strawberries to babies because giving them berries, eggs, peanuts, etc., (high allergy foods) until age 2.

I would assume that if your daughter has been ingesting strawberries and has had no adverse reaction to it, she's fine. Trust me, you would know if she was allergic.


answers from Hartford on

8 months old is too young for strawberries. It's a high risk allergen food and you're supposed to wait until at least a year old on that one. She would definitely get hives or even a diaper rash. But from here on out even if she doesn't get a rash don't give them to her again. If she has a minor reaction now, the reaction would be worse with each new exposure.

It would be the same risk with blackberries, raspberries, kiwis... anything with tiny seeds in them such as in those fruits. Mangos, papaya, melon... fruits that have pits in them because they can mimic nut allergies.

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