Rash from Strawberries?

Updated on March 22, 2010
L.C. asks from Downers Grove, IL
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My 1 year old ate strawberries this morning for the first time and later in the day he had a rash on his butt that was bright red. Im thinking the rash is from the berries. Has anyone seen this happen? If so, what did you use to clear it up? How long did it last?

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answers from Miami on

I've suffered from this "red rash" since I was a kid, and the rash occurrence has been narrowed down to strawberries (15 years later). I still get them, but since I eat strawberries very rarely now, I was able to see that they are the cause (cause/effect). The rash is bright red splotches, typically located on the lower body (thigh/butt/legs). This tends to clear up within 1 week, but can last longer (typically if one continues to eat strawberries). I hope this helps, as I wished that I knew when I was a kid what caused this.

To further this, type O blood types are recommended to stay away from Strawberries (probably b/c of the acid). Type O blood types are known to already have a high acidic makeup--needing to stay away from fruits that have a high acidity level (like oranges, etc).

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answers from Chicago on

Definitely the acid. I had this when I was young and I couldn't eat tomatoes. I eventually grew out of it so he may be way too young to be able to digest this. At this age, introducing foods one at a time is the best to determine if the food will react in any way. Good luck, always something with kids!



answers from Rockford on

My son broke out in splotches when he was a few months old after I ate (blush) a half a container of strawberries. (He was exclusively bf.) He is now 13 months and I let him eat part of a strawberry bagel and he had no reaction. But A couple days ago he ate part of a clementine and got a red bottom/diaper rash. I am guessing it was the acid. I think I would probably call the ped to get his/her opinion. I am not sure it is an allergy but maybe a sensitivity. Either way, strawberries are probably out for while.



answers from Chicago on

It could be just the acid. My daughter couldn't eat any orange vegetables until she was around 2. If she did she would get a horrible diaper rash. She never actually had food allergies. My other daughter was allergic ( not lactose intolerence) to milk and corn. As soon as she would eat anything with corn in it she would break out around her mouth and eyes and become a little monster!!! I would hold off on the strawberries until he's older and talk to your doctor. As for peanutbutter more and more professionals are recommending waiting until a child is 2 before feeding it to them.



answers from Chicago on

Strawberries are a food that is a common allergen. Sounds like your son may have a food allergy. Talk to your doc and be careful with other food allergens like peanuts.



answers from Chicago on

I just posted an article about fruit and veggie allerigies are up, surpassing peanut allergies: http://www.examiner.com/x-7158-Chicago-Family-Health-Exam...

While it may just be the acid from the fruit, especially if it occured after he peed or pooped, if it happens again, just denote it and talk to your doc about it.

Chicago Examiner Family Health Expert



answers from Chicago on

I have heard that younger children can have a reaction to strawberries, raspberries and some other fruits. I was told not to give my daughter strawberries until she is 2 or so, but peanut butter is okay at a year as long as not the crunchy kind. Good thing too because she got hold of a jar that wasn't capped right.



answers from Chicago on

My neice gets a horrible rash from strawberries and tomatoes. I think it is from the acid, so it might be something you need them to get used to. Try it a few more times but if it doesn't get better I would stop giving it to her then.

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