Peanut butter...when Exactly??

Updated on June 21, 2011
E.M. asks from Twin Falls, ID
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hello everyone! i'm wondering when you ladies think its okay to give my toddler peanut butter? i've done a lot of research in books and on the internet etc and everywhere i find conflicting opinions. i don't want to rush things, i'm just looking for advice. thanks!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I think all 3 of my kids had peanut butter before they were a year old. I don't remember if I was told NOT to give it to them at any time or not. I think I just based it on how many teeth they had LOL

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answers from Washington DC on

I didn't give eggs or peanut butter until they were 1 year allergies here.

My family history is also such that I wasn't concerned about food allergies, we just have seasonal allergies...

if you have a family history of food allergies...then I would talk it over with your pediatrician to see when they recommend introducing foods that is a problem in your family history...

good luck!!

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answers from Pocatello on

I waited until my children were 1 year old. I have heard wait until 2, but that seems a little overboard to me. Spread the peanut butter very thinly and supervise eating to prevent choking. As far as allergies, what I have read is that delaying the introduction of peanut products (or other allergen containing food) will NOT prevent an allergy. Some kids are going to be allergic no matter what you do; others will be fine with an allergen whenever it is introduced. For the rest, timing may be key. Wait too long to introduce the allergen and it may actually encourage the development of an allergy. This is similar to the way that children raised in overprotective, overly clean environments are more likely to develop allergies to dust or pollen; their immune systems never had the chance to "get used to" normally occurring allergens. The nice thing about breastfeeding is that it introduces allergens through the milk in a form the baby's immune system can handle, that is one reason why breastfed babies are less likely to develop allergies. The debate rages on, but I would say 1 year and up is a fine time to introduce peanut butter.

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answers from Seattle on

B/c we had no history of family allergies, and my son didn't have any known allergies , I gave it to him after his 1st birthday.



answers from Boston on

We have no food allergies in the family, so age 1 at the latest. They probably all had a taste of it before that with no harm.


answers from Chicago on

I gave it to my son at 13mos.
We have no family history of food allergies.

All is well!



answers from Dallas on

i was told by WIC and our Dr 2 years old but i have already started my 20 month old son at about 17 months its just to make sure there not allergic



answers from Denver on

Allergies run in our family. We were told wait until 3 for peanuts and tree nuts. They are difficult to digest so you want to make sure their digestion is mature before starting them on it. If not, they can develop a sensitivity if you start them too young. I know, this whole thing is clear as mud, right? :-)


answers from Las Vegas on

I hear different ages. Does your family have a history of peanut or food allergies? That doesn't set anything in stone, but you can get some benadryl either way just in case. I gave my daughter peanut butter at 1 1/2 or so. If you give it to your toddler watch him/her for any reaction. Honey was my main concern with her (under 1 anyways). Peanut butter I gave to her but I do have benadryl in the house just in case she ever has a reaction.

It says if you have no family history it's safe at 1. Just be careful cause it is notorious for sticking in your mouth and could be a choking hazard if there's too much in his/her mouth.



answers from Toledo on

I always waited until after their first birthday since we had no family history of allergies. Then my 3rd child came along and went into anaphylaxis with her first taste at 13 months. An allergy we had no idea even existed. My 4th child is 19 months and has never had anything pb. I've also heard that its best to not try it before age 2 simply because it can be a choking hazard.



answers from Seattle on

Our ped said we could introduce it after age 2, but his nurse said no way, wait until he's at least four. So I compromised - age 3! And then he wouldn't eat it for 6 months. Just started liking pb&j sandwiches a few weeks ago. (Finally! An easy lunch!).


answers from Philadelphia on

2 1./2 b/c she was allergic to strawberries and they wanted us to be cautious...i've always heard 2 from the allergists



answers from Denver on

My son is allergic to peanuts and my daughter, tree nuts. (Both are adopted!) My son had it accidentally at 9 mos. in some ice cream and vomited. I had him tested later and he is allergic. Doctors at first said wait until 4 but our allergist said they will be allergic to nuts no matter when you introduce it if they are going to be. Like someone else said, have some benadryl on hand. Symptoms are coughing not long after, itching, rash, etc. Of course more symptoms are breathing difficulties and then call 911. Most kids aren't allergic to nuts. What a coincidence that my unrelated kids have opposite nut allergies! Anyway, it sounds like your child is over a year so go for it!

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