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M.G. asks from Kansas City

Hello Moms, I am trying to find some ideas for entertainment for my sons Cub Scout Pack for next year's Blue and Gold Ceremony (a year end celebration). The target a...


School Budget, Fundraisers and So Much WASTE!!!

S.M. asks from Minneapolis

This totally drives me crazy and I wonder if other schools do this too. This is half questions and half rant. I understand that schools need to do fundraiser occasi...


Family Christmas Gift on a TIGHT Budget

K.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I am in need of some ideas for a Christmas gift for our family in New York. We have a large family and we rotate which family to give gifts to every year. this...


Looking for Any Tips to Plan Great Wedding on a Tight Budget

K.K. asks from Dallas

Hey Mamas, I am looking for any ideas, suggestions, and the like on planning a wedding on a tight budget. Any tricks, places, ANY thing you know I would love for you...


Appropriate Age at the Movies

J.C. asks from Dallas

Some friends are going to take their 3 year olds to watch the upcoming Cars 2 and they've invited my preschooler to go. My son has never been to the movie theater, a...


Any Great Budget Suggestions??

J.M. asks from Phoenix

My husband and I recently decided that we needed to do something about the debts that we have. I mean it isn't terrible but we both have student loans and we have a ...


Downloading Music Online

D.A. asks from Fort Myers

Can anyone tell me what is a good and safe website for teens to download music from? Thanks


Monthly Cost of Groceries Comparison

S.W. asks from Phoenix

I'm trying to find a way to cut back on expenses. One of our biggest monthly expenses is our grocery bill. We shop at Target weekly and a Sam's Club every other wee...


Birthday-on-a-Budget Ideas for 7Yr-old Girls

M.B. asks from Little Rock

I need creative ideas for my 7yr-old twin girls' birthday party--keeping BUDGET in mind. HELP!! :-)


Cost of Groceries per Month

S.H. asks from Los Angeles

How much do you spend on groceries each month? Please indicate the size of your family. Does the number include visits to Target for various items or JUST food? T...