Cost of Groceries per Month

Updated on August 09, 2011
S.H. asks from Long Beach, CA
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How much do you spend on groceries each month? Please indicate the size of your family. Does the number include visits to Target for various items or JUST food?


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Thank you for all of the great responses! They have been super helpful!

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answers from Canton on

Family of 5. usually spend around $550 month. I wish it was less! I need to cut coupons, but find it annoying that they are usually for nothing I buy. :)

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answers from Erie on

I feed a family of 6 on about $400 month. Add about another $100 for sundries, cleaning supplies, etc... We're lucky to have a local wholesale produce and meat market where I live, so I save a ton that way. I only buy my condiments at a regular grocery store. We get pizza twice a month, which is all of $10 each time, and make a salad at home those nights. IF we have some extra money, we will take the kids out but we never spend more that $50 doing that.



answers from Los Angeles on

I am married and we have an 11 year old daughter. We are vegetarians and don't eat out that often. I spend around $700 a month on food and drinks.

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answers from Austin on

If anyone is looking to help reduce their grocery costs, check out Angel Food Ministries.

You don't have to be a certain income to order through them... they buy in bulk and have cut out the middleman, passing on the savings to the customer. Some of it is the exact same brands you would find in the grocery store, also. They are not out-dated, but current food items.

You order a set box by a certain date, and usually pick it up the next Saturday at a set location. Much of this is done by volunteers (the pick-up locations), which helps reduce costs, also.

Order date is usually the next last Sunday of the month, with pick-up on the last Saturday of the month.

If you are using food stamps, you can still order through them.

They say that the average savings on the "Bountiful Blessings" box is $50, from prices sampled across the United States. This box usually costs about $46, and contains about 12 different meat/main meal items (enough for a family of 4 for a meal, usually... about 20 lbs total, I think?), and probably 12 lbs of frozen veggies of different types. This would probably help feed a family of 4 for close to 2 weeks, I think?

There are a number of food boxes you can order, including some specialty things, or boxes with things that are useful for kids after school.

It has really helped my family with their food budget, and given us a more varied menu. We even get steaks and pork chops in these boxes!

Print out a menu, and take it to the grocery store and see how the prices compare....

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answers from Boston on

Hi there. I live in Mass where everything is expensive, so our grocery bill
(including Target,etc too) is about $300 a week for a family of 4. Waaaaaayyyyy too much!

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answers from Boston on

We spend an average of $866 (see? this is why I love using lol!) on just groceries and for our family of 6. I usually get cleaning products and toiletries and paper goods at Target or BJs, When we factor in restaurants, quick trips to the convenience store for milk and bread, the occasional lunch that I buy at work etc. we spend an average of $1,113 per month on food - my husband works out of his car and has a bad habit of having lunch on the road and it really adds up quickly.

This is by going to a really cheap grocery store that's totally inconvenient, using sales and coupons, and buying as little processed food as possible. Our main grocery bill alone started topping $200 per week when my SD moved in last January so we changed stores and scaled that back to about $150 (the other part of the weekly bill includes the farmer's market and local deli).

@Rachel K., west of 495 where you are is like living in another part of the country when it comes to cost of living. It's amazing how much of a difference 100 miles makes!

@Gina I'm glad I'm not the only one with a high bill!

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

Ugh, this is depressing for me :(. I am in awe of you ladies who do so well on a budget. It is just my husband and I, and our 10-month-old, and we spend about $400 per month, which is mostly just groceries but the occasional toilet paper, paper towels, and diapers thrown in. Target trips are separate and probably another $100+/month. I was just thinking today how I have to get better at budgeting for groceries, because I can only imagine how much it will be when our daughter (and potential other kids) are older!

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answers from Houston on

JUST food and drinks....oh, anywhere from 300 to 500. That doesn't include going out to eat(which we do often) Its My husband and I (im pregnant, but i really don't eat much more than i did, just a lot more fruit) Our two daughters are 8 and 2. My two year old eats non stop, but at least EVERYTHING she eats is healthy.

The reason we spend so much is because we eat mostly fresh and organic with a lot of focus on specialty foods and super foods. Plus we have a water service that is 50 dollars a month.

In every other way we are quite thrifty, and spending so much on food means spending less at the doctor.

*******might i recommend a website called a budgeting website we love it!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Groceries only!
Does not include any non-food items.
Eating out is a separate budget.
This is for me, my husband, my 15 y.o. son, my 8 y.o. daughter, and my 19 y.o. when she is home from college.



answers from Beaumont on

$575, family of 4. Includes whatever we need at Kroger, toilet paper, light bulbs etc. But we don't live in CA-your cost of living is so much higher!



answers from Philadelphia on

Uggh - I am sure we are on the high side --- over $800 with 6 plus one other "family member" (my son's girlfriend) - and that is with using Angel Ministries (which I highly recommend). And I shop at Walmart and Trader Joes - for the organic stuff . This is for food only. If I added toiletries (which I often get in bulk from Amazon or Walmart at great prices) then it would be another $100. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!!!! NE location (Philly). We do not eat out ever.



answers from Kansas City on

We are a family of three - 2 adults, 1 3-year-old - with 2 of us being vegetarians. We budget $420/month on food and house/personal care items. So this includes the grocery store, farmers market, dining out, toilet paper, aluminum foil, shampoo, toothpaste, cleaning products, etc. The cat gets $25/month for food, treats and kitty litter.

We do 90% of our produce shopping at the local farmers market on sundays (saturday can be higher prices; sunday, they need to sell what they didn't sell saturday), 95% of our "regular" grocery product shopping at Aldi, 80% of our natural/veggie substitute/organic shopping at trader joe's and the rest of the budget goes to specialty items we can only get at mainstream grocery stores. Target and Walmart have the best prices on our Morningstar Farms products.

Shopping takes a lot of time, I go often, we pay only cash. I rarely use coupons b/c most of our items aren't for products that have coupons.



answers from Dayton on

I'm spending $125/week on groceries and household items. We try to eat as natural and organic as possible, and this amount is killing me! I think I'm going to have to add about $10/wk to make it work. There are 2 adults and 4 boys 6, 4, 2, and 8 months (who all eat more than I do most days). I shop mostly at Kroger (grocery store) and Amazon. I buy eggs from a local farmer and all my meat from another local farmer. Neither of these are certified organic, but I know they are pastured raised w/o hormones or antibiotics. And they taste so much better! I cloth diaper, so that isn't a monthly cost to worry about. We live in SW Ohio. Seriously, what is going on with food prices? I'm dying here!


answers from Denver on

we are a family of 4 and spend about 600-650 a month for everything that can be bought at walmart, food, laundry, bathing products, the occasional toys etc....


answers from Dallas on

Family of 3. Daughter is 16, I have a lot of teens here regularly.

I'm at my grocer daily for fresh fruit and veggies. I probably spend a good $100+ per week at my local Market Street.

My fridge and pantry houses healthy snacks and I've had no teen turn away yet!!! Lots of fresh fruits, veggies, home made dips, etc.

I spend about $200 every 8 - 10 weeks at my local butcher for top grade/ quality beef, pork, chicken, hand made Italian sausages.



answers from Los Angeles on

Its only my wife and I. Two, sometimes three, of my kids bring their families over for dinner on Sunday. That's 4 or 6 adults and 6 or 9 kids + my wife and I. That Sunday dinner is in my food budget. And the Sunday dinner is our fanciest and most expensive meal of the week.

We spend about $40 to $45 per week on groceries (meat, fruit and veggies), toiletries, cleaning supplies, dog food and everything else.

I don't shop at Target because Walmart beats them on a regular and consistant basis. I price shop and have compared prices at Sams and Costco so many times that I know Sams will be cheaper on 7 of 10 items, tie on one or two and Costco will beat on one or two. If Costco beats Sams on a price, it will be by 5 cents or less. Costco costs more to join so I only use Sams. I NEVER buy meat at Sams because I can get it cheaper when I buy it on sale at other grocery stores.

I know if I am willing to shop the sales I can beat Sams and Costco on meat prices any time.

I buy where I can get the best prices. I buy meat at national, chain stores when they have a good sale. I usually get my fruits and veggies at "mexican markets". They buy seconds and thirds from bulk carriers and I get much better prices. Most of the time their produce is very ripe with short shelf lives and I like "over ripe" much better than "not quite ripe".
Example: Vons, Staters, Food4Less and Albertsons had brown/yellow onions for $.99 lb or more. One of the "mexican markets" had brown/yellow onions for 6 lbs/$.99.
Example: Vons, Staters, Food4Less and Albertsons had roma tomatoes for $1.49 lb or more. One of the "mexican markets" had roma tomatoes for 3 lbs/$.99.

I know from experience that certain items go on sale at certain times of the year for a REALLY GREAT PRICE(!!). Example: toilet paper goes on sale twice per year. (2 ply, 6 rolls for $1) I buy then and I buy enough to last me until the next time it goes on sale.
Charcoal briquets go on sale at Memorial day and the 4th of July.
Turkeys go on sale at Thanksgiving.
Corned beef goes on sale at St Patricks Day.
Enchilada sauce goes on sale at Cinco De Mayo (5th of May)
Pasta goes on sale just before the wheat harvest.
Peanut butter goes on sale during back to school sales.
Pencils, pens, paper, crayons, glue, etc. goes on sale during back to school sales at better prices than any other time of year.
I buy the birthday presents for parties my kids will be invited to during the year at Christmas and in the after-Christmas sales.

My wife and I seldom go out to eat, but I keep the fast food coupons in my and her cars so if we just don't feel like cooking we can go out to eat. The last time that happened, I spent $2 for two Whoppers ($1 each) at Burger King. I had a BOGO free coupon. We like Red Robbin so we go when they have their burgers on sale. I eat half my burger and take home the left overs of their garlic parmeasian fries for a second meal.

I do most of the cooking and all of the shopping. I always cook from scratch. You have to THINK when you shop. Flour is on sale, 5 lb bag for $1. The 10 lb bag is on sale for $2.50. There is a BIG sign beside the 10 lb bag and a very small sign beside the 5 lb bag. A lady put 5 10 lb bags of flour in her basket. I told her about the 5 lb bag sale. She said "So?". I had to do the math for her. You have to THINK ! ! !

Thanks for the question. Good luck to you and yours.



answers from San Francisco on

Okay we are 7 (2, 4, 12year old kids, 4 adults) and I spend about $950/ month. That includes 1 weekly trip to Lunardis (super market) 1 monthly trip to costco, 1 monthly trip to whole foods and perhaps 1 to target. We include food and toiletries, we do eat organic a lot so that's why it is expensive oh and we live in California :)



answers from San Antonio on

We spend $100 - $150 a month for a family of 3.

That includes non-grocery items like cleaning supplies, soaps, feminine products, and personal hygiene products.

I don't buy beef because we slaughtered a cow and have a freezer full. When I was having to buy beef it was $150 - $200 a month. If I really splurged it was $250 a month.


answers from Washington DC on

we are a family of 4. For FOOD only, not including target trips or anything, our bill is between $400-$500 a month. We make a menu and with that a shopping list and only buy what we need. We do inculde extra's like ice cream and treats once in a while too.


answers from Milwaukee on

2 adults and 5 year old. $100 - $150 a week. Depends on if what I need/want is on sale or have coupons. This includes eating out once a week, food and the occassional household item. We usually budget $50 - $100 a month for all other needed items (shampoo, toliet paper, cleaning items and so on).

I think we are little high on food cost but I do not shop around for the best prices/deals and I try to have the majority of the food fresh (shopping around the edges of the grocery store).



answers from Seattle on

This is a BIG Question and it is going to be different for everyone, but to get an idea what you should spend is $100 per adult and $50 per child. Planning yoru meals will save you money for sure and cutting coupons even more. People say there isn't coupons for item they buy, but that is not true. If you brush your teeth, floss, wash clothes, eat cereal, house clean and more there are coupon for it.
If you want to start saving any more find a coupon blog, like They take all the guess work out for you and also post online deals like amazon which are shipped to your door and take no time at all ;) Of course in order to really start saving you need to really want it



answers from Denver on

We have a firm budget of $100 per week on food.
It's my husband, myself, our 2 girls (under 4), and
I take care of two additional girls under 3yo during the
week and provide them breakfast lunch and 2 snacks.

We can't afford to eat all organic- we buy it when it's affordable.
We also have a 1/4 cow in our freezer, and I buy 1-2 whole
chickens a week to cook in the crockpot to use in lunches
and for a quick dinner. We don't purchase packaged meals,
or convenience type foods. I basically shop the outside perimeter
of the store.

The kids eat dairy and grains- which tends to last a while,
whereas we do not eat those things.

Our diet is primarily meats, veggies, and fruits.

We don't buy cereals for the kids, or any real "junk" foods.
They get ocassional snacks of fruit gummies, goldfish crackers,
and grahm crackers. Most of the kids diets is comprised of
fruit and meats with pasta or rice at one meal and the ocassional
pancake, waffle, or french toast (or plain toast) with breakfast.

Our budget, though small, is pushing it for our overall budget.
With 4 full time mouths to feed and 2 part time mouths, we really
have to focus on making every penny and bite stretch.



answers from Washington DC on

Yeah, we spend about $900- $1000 for a family of six... also, all natural/organic.


answers from Rochester on

We are a family of four...husband, me, six year old girl, and 15 month old with Celiac disease and other dietary special requirements.

I spend around $560 a month on JUST groceries. This doesn't include eating out (which almost never happens, but let's say $20 a month for that.)

Trips to Target are once a month, for ALL other household/toiletries, etc, and I do mean EVERYTHING else, from diapers to soap to clothes and batteries. That averages between $80 and $150 a month, depending on what we're out of.

I don't buy generic, for the most part, but I also don't buy the most expensive items, either.


answers from San Diego on

For groceries/eating out, we were at the way high end of about $1600/month (2 adults and 3 year old) and have been trying to get it down to around $800/month. We have been pretty good at getting it down to $1000/month. We've joined a vegetable/fruit CSA and that seems to have helped. We eat a lot of organic foods which are a bit pricier, but we save in other ways - no sodas, no bottled water (we use a filtered pitcher), etc.

We shop at Fresh N'Easy now that it's opened in our neighborhood and I think that's helped a lot too. Also, our son has started eating other foods that I don't have to buy at Whole (Wholey Expensive) Foods.

We don't use coupons (Fresh n'Easy allows 2 of their store coupons, so if we have them, we use those). We also joined a meat CSA so we're eating locally grown organic meat as well as veges and fruit and this has helped bring down the cost of overall grocery bill. Also, since we have joined these CSAs, it has helped to bring down our eating out bill because we always have food in the house to make.

We don't shop any of the club stores because we simply don't have the room for the size of the food. We don't shop at Wal-Mart on principle. I think our local Target just got a grocery inside of it, but it's not as close as my local Fresh n' Easy, so I've never tried it.



answers from Dallas on

I've brought our grocery bill down to $400 per month without coupons (2 adults, 3 teenagers, 1 toddler=6 people) but that means no fancy smancy recipes anymore just basic meals. Also that does not include our Costco runs but that would only be for toilet paper, paper towels, diapers etc.



answers from Dallas on

We spend about 250 every time we go to the grocery store. We spend about 500 per month on food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. We also do not eat out. That is for 2 adults, and one 6 yr. old. Most of the stuff I buy is organic, because my son is allergic to Red Dye # 40.


answers from Seattle on

We have a family of 2 (just my husband and myself most of the time) but 4 all together. I spend about $360 on food a month for the two of us. This includes pet food, house hold items, and health care stuff. On the months that there is 4 of us (two adults and two 4 year olds) we spend about $500 on food a month.

I shop a local butcher and winco.


answers from Kansas City on

I have not taken the time to figure out one accurate count for an entire month. We do most of our shopping at Dollar General and Walgreens these days because our local Save-a-lot just closed down. We do go to Walmart and Target when we have a reason to drive that far. It's a full $7.00 for me to drive to the next town and back. So depending on how much money I have to spend at one time, the cost of going to and from is prohibitive.

We buy all our family needs, shampoos, toiletries, etc. at the same time we buy these other things.

We have 6 family members living at home that are 2, 11, 21, 44, 49, and 67. We have 5 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 parakeets. We also have 4 daycare kids during the day and another 3-4 at night and all weekend too.

On average if I go to Walgreens and or Dollar General I'll spend between 30 and 50 dollars 4-5 days per week. When we go to one of the grocery stores we spend around 100 dollars at least one day per week. We also buy food off the dollar menu at McDonald's 1-2 times per week.

I'm thinking on average we spend 1200 per month. This cost is about 75% mine and about 25% of it is from my husband, mother, and 21 year old.


answers from Dallas on

With kids out of school for the summer, I spend about $700 a month for a family of three--one adult, one teenage girl, and a twelve year old boy (soon to be thirteen). My kids have always had a healthy appetite, but as they grow older, it gets bigger (both kids tower over me).

During the school year, though, my grocery bill goes down significantly--between $400 and $600 a month. Everyone is busy, and with the exception of dinner, our meals are usually grab and go.



answers from Daytona Beach on

i have a family of 4. the total for me would be about $400 or less a month on average. this includes everything, toiletries, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, husbands tobacco. my kids are 5 & 7. i also have my mother living with me p/t during the week so she sometimes eats with me and also i am watching and feeding my niece 3x a week lunch and dinner and sometimes breakfast.


answers from Jacksonville on

I guess we're on the high side.

I agree with Riley that these numbers are going to be widely varied depending on where you live and how you eat.

I spend about $900/month for our family of 4 plus the dog. (2 adults, 13 yr boy and 10 yr girl, plus a german shepherd). That includes dog food, allergy medications (OTC), toiletry items (contact lens stuff too), paper goods and laundry/cleaning supplies. Essentially everything that can and typically is purchased at a grocery store or Target/Walmart (excluding yard items and clothing). I don't buy organic, and I do shop sales and use coupons; but we don't buy a lot of high carb foods (rice/beans/pasta/etc). We eat lots of fresh produce and meat/cheese, and lots of Kashi brand items (granola bars, cereal, pita chips, frozen waffles, frozen dinners--pretty much everything they sell, lol). And this does also include the beer/wine purchases for at home (not for special events like going to a party that is bring your own, or hostess gifts or whatever), which is typically about a 12pk longnecks per week for hubby ($10/week) and a $10 bottle of wine once or twice a month for me.



answers from Des Moines on

My household is 2 adults and one toddler. He's home full time with me so we both eat all meals home and send hubby to work with a packed lunch 4 days per week. And we do go out to eat once or twice per week.

We spend around $130 per week on food alone. Probably an average of extra $15/week on extra household stuff (cleaning stuff, toiletries, lightbulbs when needs, etc.)

This is higher than I'd like and asking around my friends it seems higher than most pay! But I couldn't care less about trying to get into couponing or buying in bulk. Perhaps if I was more strapped for cash. We buy about half things name brand and half generic brand, depending on the item.



answers from New York on

About $1000/month for a family of 4, but hey, that's NY for you!



answers from Los Angeles on

I feed a family of 4 on $400 a month. That is just groceries not any thing else and doesn't count eating out which we do about twice a month.



answers from Phoenix on

I think it's really important to consider what kind of kitchen you run when asking this question. If eating organic is important to you then you are going to spend more. If your family is content to eat whatever is on sale, then you can get away with spending less. If you eat out, you'll spend less on groceries because you won't need food for those meals eaten away from the home. So, I think it's really hard to compare one family to another, because everyone has a different lifestyle. Our family of 4, eats most meals at home (out to eat about once a month), we eat organic and natural as much as possible, and I have to accommodate one family member with gluten, dairy, and egg allergies when buying groceries. So, our bill is about $900/month.



answers from Raleigh on

$1000 a month family of 5(only natural/organic foods )



answers from San Diego on

We have 7 in our family. 2 adults and 5 kids, ages... 2, 4, 6, 8 & 13... and We spend about $2,000 a month.



answers from Phoenix on

We have 7 people in our family. Hubby, myself and 5 kids ages 17, 16, 8, 10 and 15 months. We spend about $1200 a month on everything. We shop at Costco, Fresh and Easy, Target and Melaleuca. This includes our vitamins, cleaning products and paper products. These stores are where I get the best bang for my buck. =) I get 5% discounts at Target using my Target debit card. I get my vitamins and cleaning stuff at a great price at Melaleuca and money back for free products. Fresh and Easy also has great prices on produce. I hope that helps.


answers from Dallas on

I was curious about this too!

We are a family of 6 (almost 7). There are four children and two adults. We spend $600 a month for everything that is not a bill. So, it includes more than just food. It'll include any other household necessities. Also includes diapers/wet wipes.

If it's something really expensive, like new tires, we'll use other designated money for that. For bdays, we spend about $50-75 on gifts/decorations and that also comes out of a separate account. BUT for all normal household expenses (food and necessities), we stick to $600 a month. I have no idea how much of that is just food.

I plan our meals out in advance and cook from scratch. We don't eat out. Hubby brings lunch to work. Those all help tremendously to save money.



answers from Seattle on

This is a SUPER regional Question

Family of 3... $600 per month on a VERY tight budget (food is very expensive here... lunchmeat, for example, is $10 p/lb, milk at a "regular" store, NOT organic is $4 per HALF gallon, cereal is $6-$8, bread is $4 and up, etc.). I shop 5 different stores in order to stay within that $600 budget. If I just bought at 1 store, as I wanted, it would be apx $1000 per month. If I bought as I WISHED to buy (not including alcohol) it would be $1500.

In the midwest and most of the East & South I can buy everything on my list up here for $200-$300 a month.

((Rather ironically many of my "steal" purchases are from stores like WholeFoods. Regular store milk = $4 per half. WF= $1.69 per half))

That JUST includes food and laundry detergent/shampoo/etc. All other household expenses come out of our 'personal' money (also hair cuts, clothes, movies, what have you). Which is $200 a month.



answers from Eugene on

$600 per month for 3 people including 2 teenage boys. I buy organic and from the farmers market in season. We eat alot of fresh fruits (expensive) and vegies. I save money by cooking from scratch, even make my own tortillas.



answers from Boston on

I spend about $600 a month that includes everything for a family of 4.

I live in MA too where on earth are you shopping?!?!



answers from Springfield on

Family of 4 (only three eaters right now).

We spend about $450 per month on groceries. This DOES include trips to Target. I buy almost everything to make my own food - little prepackaged meals other than some KAshi or Smart Ones in a pinch, and the occasional frozen pizza, waffles, etc. I make meatloaf, turkey chili, tacos, lasagna, baked ziti, etc on my own, not that yucky freezer stuff! I also make my own dips, etc. We do have other prepackaged snacks and some potatoes, noodles, etc for sides. Lots of fresh veggies and fruits!

We buy Organic Milk, Meat and Eggs. Other than that, we buy "regular" stuff....and I try to get deals when I can.

I would love to hear suggestions on how to cut this number down WITHOUT sacrificing health!



answers from Victoria on

TOO MUCH!!!! My family is 2 adults and 3 children in the house. Obviously the summer months bring a much higher bill but.... On average I spend 200-250 every 2 weeks and on the in between weeks I go back for drinks, bread, milk etc and that runs me 50.00. So for a standard summer month I am spending about 500-600 dollars. Also, we dont eat out much at my house.



answers from Minneapolis on

Usually $500-$600/ month for 3 adults and a 3 year old- Not including shampoo, laundry, toiletries, etc.



answers from Dallas on

We are a family of 3. (Me, My husband, 2 year old.) We spend about $250 a month on food, toiletries, and dog food. We do eat out once a month, but that's not included in that number.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I have a family of 4 and have managed to get my grocery budget down to $250/ month. This does not include diapers which runs us another approximately $60 per month...hoping to potty train any day now. :) I use a resource online called grocery store match-up on in order to make this work. It took about 2 months to stock up enough that it truly works...but now I only purchase 4 & 5 star items and it works! Not only that...I can throw an impromptu meal together that you wouldn't believe. My neighbors do tease me about the fact that I get 4 newspapers delivered to my home on Sunday...but since I took my grocery budget from $600 on a good month down to $250...I think the joke is on them.



answers from Honolulu on

Family of 4, (me,Hubby, 2 kids), plus my Mom that lives with us.
This is Hawaii, cost of living is high and groceries.

We spend, about $200 per week, for groceries.
So, $800 per month.

This includes, grocery items/food, plus toilet paper, napkins, household stuff, toothpaste etc. Things you would get from a grocery store and/or Costco.


answers from Portland on

I spend about $375-$400 a month, that is only food (and some Dr. Pepper). It is me, my daughter, and my folks. I buy all the groceries. It depends what you cook. Most of what I buy is to fix meals (meats, veggies, fruit, etc), but I do buy chips, frozen pizzas, and puddings, etc. That is for 1 toddler and 3 adults and I do splurge and buy a fancy meat once a month, on sale good steak or salmon or filet mignon, which adds $20 to the food bill.



answers from Detroit on

We are a family of 4 (me, hubby, 6 yr old, 2 yr old), but hubby isn't home but 2 weekends out of the month, so we spend about $500 per month for the 3 of us which includes eating at the Coney Island twice a week, diapers and wipes.

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