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Where to Find Puppets

I am looking for a store in the Sterling Heights/Rochester area that might sell puppets that I can use to help teach my 4 year old Sunday school class. I can't find any puppets anywhere. I have tried Lakeshore Learning (they had some but were for kids to hold -- too small for my hands), Toys R Us and the Family Christian bookstore. I was hoping to not have to buy one online. Anyone have any ideas?


Having Friends Over?

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel...

Cell Phones

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Should I Email the Teacher?

Hi Moms! I need some help! Thanks in advance for those of you who reply. This morning I had my 8th grade daughter walk my Kindergardener to class for me. She said as her and my son walked in a little boy was pointing and saying look. At that moment the little girl he was saying this to turns around and says " ah, I don't like him." This really bothered me. I was thinking of emailing the teacher to see if something was going on that the little girl feels this way. Not an attack of course she is a kid but I don't want this to continue. She...

Video Games

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Games for 2 Year Old

I was just wondering if any moms had any great games they play with their kids? My son is 2 and a half and just loves games, like hi ho cherrio, don't break the ice, matching games, etc. My parents are asking for Christmas ideas and I thought it would be great to get him some more games, but am finding it hard to find something for his age. He does know all of his colors, shapes, can count to 15, and knows some letters. Thanks for your help!


Wii or No Wii?

We have two boys, ages 8 and almost 12. We have never owned a video gaming...