Eating Habits & Schedule

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M.D. asks from Chicago

just wondering what a typical schedule is for a 9 month old...with times your child eats and sleeps


Off Schedule

D.S. asks from Philadelphia

hi.. i'm not a schedule nazi but how do other mommy's handle it when their baby sleeps thru a bottle or a meal? Today Gabby didn't take a nap until after her 12 pm bo...


Schedule for Breastfeeding?

T.M. asks from Victoria

EDIT AFTER READING SOME RESPONSES: My baby WILL NOT take a bottle/sippy cup/etc. Absolutely WILL NOT. I have tried - believe me. Also - he was eating 5 jars ...



A.A. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is 4 months old now and my doctor wants us to get her on a 4 hour schedule. Right now she is eating every three hours and she lets us know when that 3 ho...



L.O. asks from Provo

I've recently decided that I need some kind of daily schedule. I have 2 kids (a wile 2 yr old boy and 1 month old baby girl) and I've been really lazy lately and jus...



H.J. asks from Peoria

When should I expect my son to get on a schedule? He will be 7 weeks on Sunday. When is it ok to put him in his crib drowsy but not asleep? Right now, I'm starting t...



M.S. asks from Los Angeles

I have a eight month old. He is my second and quite different from my first. He has started fighting me when going down for his nap. He use to go down without a pee...


Introducing a Bottle or Exclusive Breastfeeding

J.V. asks from Chicago

My little man is almost 7 weeks old and I am trying to decide if I want to introduce a bottle. I had serious latch issues with my daughter so that by the time I tried...



J.B. asks from Minneapolis

I'm wondering how to go about breastfeeding!!! This is my first baby, so I have never done it before.


Babywise Schedule

S.S. asks from Dallas

I am a mom of an 18-month boy and a 2 month girl. I am trying to get her on the babywise schedule for a few days now, but have not been successful. Mornings will go g...