Death of a Pet: First Response

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What Is a Good Pet for 4 Year Old?

J.C. asks from Kansas City

Ok mom's my 4 year old would like a pet, a dog or cat is out of the question what I would like to know is are gerbils, hamsters or guina pigs good pet for a 4 yr old ...


NEED ADVICE! Dog Lifting His Leg and Urinating on Things in the House!!

S.R. asks from St. Louis

YUK!!!!!!! Our 100 pound Akita has recently started lifting his leg and urinating on things....including the carpet, an armchair, 2 different couches and even on a st...


Help! My Dog Bit My Son

C.N. asks from Philadelphia

I considered myself "very meticulous" about watching my son around our dogs. We have 2 dogs - a 3yo black lab and a 2.5 year old lab mix. My son, who is 18 months, ...


Chemo for Dogs

D.R. asks from New York

Hi moms I really need help on this one. My dog was just diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma which is a cnacer of the blood vessels. I was told it is very invasive an...


HELP! My Yorkie Has Become Agressive Towards My Crawling Baby!

N.I. asks from Seattle

My son is 9mo old and crawling and trying to walk. Since he has become more mobile for the last 2-3 months. all the dog does is try to nip at his ankles! We try to sc...


Being Harassed by CPS Because My 10 Year Old Has a Normal Hygiene Problem

K.V. asks from San Diego

As a parent of a ten year old boy, I've done my research over the last few years as my son has gotten closer to puberty; Both through the web and through family membe...


Are You a Crier?

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

I am not much of a crier, only under extreme stress, the death of a friend or family member type thing. My best friend calls me a robot. :) I am much more likely to c...


Completely Overwhelmed and Looking for Advice! Is This Normal?

C.H. asks from Jacksonville

Hello! I am a newlywed and also a new mother. Our little girl is about 9 months old now and an absolute blossom. I've been having a lot of problems with my husband...


Potty Training Confusion

L.D. asks from Allentown

Hello out there!! I am a momma of two boys:) My first who will be 6 in August, basically potty trained himself in a weekend. He has only ever had ONE accident in his ...


Elephant Rides-safe or Not for 21 Month Old?

G.S. asks from Washington DC

We are planning a vacation to asia that includes a visit to an elephant training place. My husband and I are disagreeing on something. My husband thinks it's okay for...