Death of a Pet: Miralax

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Just Found Out I Can't Have lactose...No More Dairy for Me !

*.*. asks from New London

I have been sick on and off w/ VERY BAD gas pains, horrible constipation and so on...All 3 doctors wanted me to go on Miralax. One of the 3 drs was going to put me o...


Another Potty Training Dilemna

L.J. asks from Las Vegas

I have a four year old boy who, from about 20 months until 3yrs old, was potty trained. For the last YEAR he has refused to poop in the potty. Peeing isn't an issue....


Infants with Allergies And/or Reflux

K.C. asks from Dallas

Okay, so my boy will be 8 weeks on Monday. I've posted before about his congestion that he's had for almost 6 weeks now... (we have an air purifier and cool mist humi...


Advice for Helping My 3 Month Baby Boy to Do #2

M.D. asks from San Juan

I have a 4 month baby boy who has been breastfeed only. Since a month ago I have start noticing that he could be 5 to 7 days without doing #2. In the beginning I th...


4 1/2 Year Old Won't Poop on Potty

S.T. asks from Killeen

Hey moms- I need some advice. My 41/2 son pees on the potty but poops in his pants. My husband has been deployed sice September so I'm on my own with this. I have don...


8 Year Still Wet the Bed

R.B. asks from Phoenix

I have an 8 Year old grandson who still wet the bed at night. His mom makes him use the bathroom before he goes to bed, gets him back up during the night. I have told...