Death of a Pet: Claritin

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My Dog Has Allergies! :(

K.I. asks from Los Angeles

Hi All, My poor dog has allergies! To what we do not know yet. Next appointment we are having his Thyroid checked. For now we have him on a Lamb and Rice dog food,...


Keep the Dog, or Be Rid of Him?

K.H. asks from Dover

My daughters symptoms have been: eczema, congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, major bowel movement issues, intense heartburn She has had eczema for a couple of years, ...


Do I Need to Give up My Dog Due to Kids Allergies?

S.H. asks from Indianapolis

I had both my sons tested for allergies and both tested positive for dogs. We have a very sweet dog the whole family loves (plus we live in the middle of nowhere and...


Itchy Dog

S.E. asks from New York

my 9 year old yellow lab has always been an itchy dog and its always been a little worse in the winter when his skin gets dry from the cold air.. but now its worse th...


Experience with Dog Allegergies

S.D. asks from Phoenix

We have a severe problem with a Lhasa Apso dog- 5 yrs old that has a consistant hot spot and itching so bad that she makes her skin bleed. So she wears a cone. What...


Cat Allergy Medication for Kids

K.L. asks from San Francisco

My son (7 yrs. old) is now allergic to cats and I was wondering what over the counter allergy medication is effective. In addition to nasal congestion and itchy eyes,...


Question About Excema and Allergies

B.B. asks from Rochester

My 3 year old daughter has had excema and allergies since birth. They both get pretty bad, especially right now. I am planning to take her to an allergy specialist. H...


Sinus Infection, Allergies Or ??

K.A. asks from San Diego

I know, you're not doctors and all of that and I will be making an appointment with the doctor. I'm just curious if anyone has any suggestions on what I should try to...


Sinus/allergy Medicine That's NON Drowsy

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

Hi Moms, It seems that I have sinus/allergy issues.. I'm 32 and never had sinus issues until last August. Went to an ENT and did an allergy test.. Shocked to find ...


Allergic to Dogs After Pregnancy? Tips and Advice!!!

A.S. asks from Chicago

Greetings Ladies, I have and 11 month daughter (our first), and last Friday my husband came home with a dog. (Now before everyone jumps all over him for doings th...