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Updated on November 25, 2017
J.L. asks from Turtle Creek, PA
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My 8yo son just started a new school. the school is great, he is learning a lot of new things he has a lot of new friends and his grades has improved a lot from last year. The only problem is he is being bullied on the school bus. He has been spat on kicked in the private parts and so on. There is a bus monitor on the bus that doesn't seem to care, and all the school does is suspend the kids off the bus for a couple days and when they return the same thing happens all over again, I am terrified to let my son ride the bus, but i don't have a choice because I don't drive. Do anyone know if there is someone that i can talk to about this, or what else I can do! HELP, I need a solution.

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So What Happened?

I called the Superintendent about the problems on the school bus, and the bus moniter not caring. Well she put cameras on the bus there is a new bus moniter and everything is great. Thanks everyone for the great advice!!!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Wow, how sad. That seems awfully young for this to be happening. Has your son's school not heard the news about bullying? I would request a meeting with the principal, this should not be happening and it really needs to be taken seriously. Your son needs to feel safe when he goes to school and clearly his safety is being compromised and it's the school's job to make sure this doesn't happen. Good luck and please keep us posted. My heart is breaking for you and your son.

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answers from Buffalo on

Contact the bus garage, and instruct the bus driver and your son that he should sit right behind the bus driver.

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answers from Tallahassee on

I feel your pain. I had the same problem with my son many years ago because he was so small for his age. There were some boys that kept picking on him while on the bus. My son would tell me, I would call the teacher and they too would suspend the kids for a couple of days but it would start again. So I had had enough. I went to the school and met with the school board and the principal. It was then that the bus driver would seat the problem boys right up front with the kindergarteners and they did not pick on my son any more.

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answers from New York on

Schedule an appointment immediately with principal of the building and request to see a copy of the district's bully policy. Bullying is a serious issue and no child should be fearful in school.

Before the meeting, write down specific events that have occurred recently. If you recall the dates, even better. Otherwise, a list of "who-did-what and when" will do. Make copies for the principal, bus driver, yourself and whoever is the district-level supervisor of transportation.

At the meeting, calmly state that your son is being bullied and that you want it addressed immediately. Then work with the principal to develop a plan to address the situation. Write down what each party agrees to do, including a date that it is to be completed.

After the meeting, write a letter thanking the principal for his/her time and then outline the "plan". Make sure to copy anyone who has a role in the plan and also include the district level administration.

Most schools have a policy regarding violence on the bus and I have worked with principals who take that very seriously & will revoke bus priviledges for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, I have also seen principals who have a less proactive mentality and the events continue to occur.

If you don't get anywhere with the principal, call and request a meeting with the Superintendent.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I think Krista P gave you awesome advice. You need to "work" the system all the way up. Keep careful notes and communicate in writing as much as possible. Tell your son to always sit with or just behind the bus monitor and driver. If he can make a friend on the bus, that will help too. Good luck and hugs to him-- tell him that it won't be like this forever.


Sorry, should have also said that if you are in Woodland Hills, the Superintendent is VERY conscious of safety. If you aren't getting any satisfaction at the school level, call Dr. Calinger's office.



answers from Boston on

Have your son moved to the front seat. Call the school and speak with them again. Our school will permanently remove a child from the bus if they are continuously a problem because taking the bus is a privilege. Do any of his new friends live near by and get rides from parents to school maybe someone would be willing to pick him up on their way?


Have your son moved to the front seat. Call the school and speak with them again. Our school will permanently remove a child from the bus if they are continuously a problem because taking the bus is a privilege. Do any of his new friends live near by and get rides from parents to school maybe someone would be willing to pick him up on their way?


answers from Allentown on

Hi, Jean:
Call a meeting with the school bus driver and the bus monitor.

In the mean time, Go to the bus stop with your son and let him tell you which kids are doing it.

Call a meeting with the kids and their parents allong with the bus driver and the bus monitor.

They all need to be confroned in a positive way as far as finding a solution, not to bombass them but solve the problem.
Good luck. It takes courage to hold people accountable for their actions.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I know it sounds crazy, but get him a body cam. they are not too much on amazon. This will only get worse. Also get one for yourself. Wear it when you go into meeting to ask for help. also a tape recorder. The schools do not care and just want it to go away. I hate this for you. I'm in the same spot. Getting ready to send it to the news station. We literally moved here because of the great school systems ... Williamson County Schools in Franklin Tennessee. - its a nightmare.

I see you posted that there are cameras on the bus... the bullies will just move location. Watch your son, because he may not talk about it.



answers from Albany on

Do not let this go, but be tactful too as you don't want repurcussions to come against your son either from the bullies or the adults who are acting like children. I would call the bus transportation. They are the ones who have control of that...not the principal. The problem children should be made to sit behind the bus driver. Your son should not have to be kept from his friends because of the bullies. Children who don't play by the rules should be sitting all the way up front where the bus driver can see them, even if it's just over his children in his mirror. Also, make sure you praise your son for knowing he can talk to you. AND, what does he do when they start messing with him? Does he speak up for himself and tell them to stop and then ignore them? Unfortunately we also have to teach our children how to stand up for themselves because they will meet bullies throughout their lives. Good luck and I hope you keep us posted.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I would call the bus company AND the principal. It needs to be addressed by both. No way would I tolerate having my kid treated like that don't give up until your kid feels "ok" riding the bus.



answers from Pittsburgh on

The principal needs to address this. Contact the school immediately and set up an appointment to discuss this. If the you don't get satisfaction then go above the principal. Your son should not have to endure this kind of treatment.

Is the bus monitor an adult or another child? They need to be reprimanded as well.



answers from Detroit on

I'm so sorry that your son is experiencing this. It's also frustrating as a mom not to be able to put a stop to this for him.
My son was also riding the school bus last year because I had to be at work before school started. I actually had to take him to a daycare/latch key program and the school bus would pick him up from that location and drive him to school.
this fall the school system changed bus companies and the company that was choosen does not have a good reputation. So, now I let the daycare bus driver take both of my son's to school and they also pick them up after school and return them to the daycare where I pick them up on my way home from work. They both like the latchkey program and have also made friends there as well.
Maybe there might be a program near or close (walking distance) to your home that has a van? Or if you have a neighbor who you trust that is driving their kids to school you might ask if he can car pool with them.

Also I wanted to add,
It's frustrating to me that this will go on unless the parent takes some type of action. It just bothers me that the driver I'm sure knows that this is going on and does not say or do anything. There are many kids who suffer in silence and they don't tell anyone that they are being bullied or picked on and this could be going on in the classroom or schoo bus. So an adult (someone other than the parent) has to see or witness this. Why can't they stop it the minute they see it happening. Pull the darn bus over or something and tell those kids to set down and keep their hands to themselves. Don't just seat there and pretend this is not going on!! Moving a seat won't do any good those kids can seat where ever they want on the bus. No assigned seating.



answers from Harrisburg on

I don't agree that your son should sit right behind the driver. He shouldn't be punished because the other kids don't behave. Our district will kick kids off for the whole year if they don't behave on the bus. It is a privilege (not a right) to ride. If you know who the kids are, you can certainly find the parents. I would be on their I would also ride the bus with my son to see what's going on. The school doesn't like it?? Then they must do something about the bullies. I would contact the school guidance counselor first and move up the board. DO NOT STOP until your child can ride the bus without being bullied. Your son needs to know that he is important enough to you that you will take care of this for him. Does he have a Dad who is around? If so, I would send Dad to talk to the other families. Though it stinks, you sometimes get more response when the Dad gets involved. Also, it would be great to have your son see his Dad sticking up for him.

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