Changing Schools: Water Toys

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School Fall Festival

M.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello, Myself and other moms are planning our brand new school first big event, Fall Festival. I have some games in mind and somewhat of an idea on how to get start...


What Do You Do to Keep Your Kids Active???

M.P. asks from Peoria

Now that school is back in full swing, I am trying to figure out ways to keep my boys (6 y/o and 8y/o) more active while balancing school work. We are usually busy w...


How Much to Spend on Gifts?

C.Z. asks from Chicago

Hi, Moms. Just wondering how much each of you spend on birthday gifts for preschoolers and elementary aged children. I have a 3 year old and he is starting to receiv...


Best Bath Toys?

J.L. asks from Dallas

Time to throw out my toddler's bath toys and get a new set in time for Christmas. Any suggestions? We're kinda grossed out by the squirt toys because you can't full...


Birthday Ideas for 5 Year Old Girl

H.O. asks from Lincoln

I would LOVE some help with birthday ideas for my almost 5 year old little girl. I've been asked for gift ideas and I'm really at a loss for ideas to give them. My...


4 Year Old Playing with Toys

K.H. asks from Naples

Our almost 4 year old son doesn't have much interest in playing on his own anymore. He used to independently play with all his, trucks, blocks, leggos an...


My Daughter Wants Friends. How Do I Encourage and Support Her in That?

J.B. asks from New York

In advance, sorry this is terribly long ladies. I really appreciate your time and thoughts on this. My daughter really wants friends. When we go to any place that ...


"So Far as I'm Concerned Any Adult Can Discipline My Child"

L.A. asks from New York

Ladies - A girlfriend and her nearly 5 year old came over to ours. The little girl asked to use our bathroom. She went in and started undressing w/o closing the d...


January Birthday

M.M. asks from Chicago

My son will be turning six on January 18th. Every year, he gets a ton of gifts for Christmas and his birthday. There are so many of them that I think he's kind of ove...


3 Boys Don't Want to Do Anything

K.C. asks from Cleveland

Hi Mommies, I have 3 that is turning 7 in a few weeks and twins that are 4. My oldest started swim lessons when he was 3 and the instructor dunked hi...