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Updated on March 07, 2012
V.S. asks from Lima, OH
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OK so I haven't officially got offered a new job, but the manager called me and said she was extremely impressed with my work experience. She said they aren't hiring now but most likely will in the future since they changed to electronic billing. I've been wanting in this office for awhile but now I'm unsure what to do. I'm starting nursing school in 3 weeks. Only basic education courses right now. I want to pursue my degree but this is a great opportunity for me. I have three young children. I'm worried if I don't go to school now I will never go. I'm 27 too. I have to take classes in the morning/afternoon because of my hubby's work schedule. I've spoken with the manager and advised and she said she was going to go through things and call me back. She said she didn't want me to quit school and not get an education. I think she may be talking to the doctors about it to see what they can do. I don't know what do you think?

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answers from Madison on

Unfortunately I think you probably should not have meantion it...especially if you wanted the job as they will probably want to find someone who will be able to dedicate more time and energy to the position. I would start the classes and see how things go...start with a few and get an idea on what you can handle you might be able to go to school and take the new job and be just fine.

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answers from Washington DC on

Stick with the schooling. Since they aren't hiring right this moment, you won't be missing out on this opportunity. By the time they are hiring, you will have a better idea of your school load and what you can/can't handle.

You also don't know if the future position will be full time, part-time, hours that don't work for you.

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answers from San Francisco on

It seems like you're a little ahead of yourself. You said they aren't even hiring now, but may in the future. I would not put off school on a "may in the future." No one knows what the future will bring. Go ahead and start school. If they do ultimately offer you a job, they may be willing to be flexible with your schedule. She probably doesn't want you to quit school when she's not completely sure you'll be offered a job.

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answers from Washington DC on

Can you go to school at night? Get a babysitter? You CAN have the best of both worlds if you want it.

I started working 6 years ago and started my MBA 5 years ago. I'll finish this summer. I also took two years off when it got to be too much.

I think you can do both. It will be hard during the process, but will be well worth the payoff in the end!



answers from Honolulu on

No matter what... school/classes will take a lot of time. Nursing school is very demanding and takes lots of hours. Not just for class time... but ALSO for studying and doing intern work etc.

AND, each semester, class offerings and schedules change. Therefore, you will not always have the classes you need... only in the mornings or afternoons. So you have to realize that. The school... each semester, offers certain classes and each semester it changes. So you have to be able to change your personal schedule too... if you want to enroll in the classes required for your degree. And to therefore, graduate.

You did not say, if this job was a part-time or full time job.

Employers, some will accommodate an employee that is going to school. Some will not. ie: you cannot just not go to work, if you have a class at that time, for example. Unless the Employer is flexible....
But that is not common.

You are only in the basics of Nursing school. Now.
As you progress into the program and curriculum... know that... it will be very demanding per time needed to study and be in classes.
Aside from school schedules and work schedules... you WILL need to have lots of time.... to study. Outside of school. And studying will either be at home... or at school. So... you will also need to consider, who will babysit your children... and your Husband needs to know... that HE will need to... help a ton. As you go to school. Because, as you attend classes and the requirements for studying and internships... you will NOT be home or available. And you will need to keep up your GPA etc.

My Husband works full time and was going to school... part time. He spent ALL of his time, after work, studying, 7-days per week, night and day. AND I was like a Single Parent... for the entire time he was going to school for his degree. So.... your Husband will NEED to know... full well... what it will mean and what he will need to do... to accommodate a Spouse who will be going to school. And with the kids.
And you need to talk to your Husband... about all of this.
It also, includes him.
He will have to... be flexible in parenting/babysitting and knowing that your school/work schedule, will mean you will not be a "home Mom."

You have not been offered the job yet. And, they are not even hiring... now.
Meanwhile, you have been accepted into Nursing school and need to start that in 3 weeks. That means, you have paid for school, already.
So you need to go ahead with that.

Nursing school, takes time. But you will get your degree if you continue with it. And that will mean a job, and better pay.



answers from Cincinnati on

You need to stick with school. THe company might be hiring in the future so you don't know what will happen or how long it would be before you started working.



answers from Minneapolis on

Any chance you can do an online school, go to school part-time, or go to weekend college and still take this job if it's offered? I'd start looking into these options right now. Weekend, part-time, and online degrees do take longer to get, but with determination, you can still get it all done and while working too. Just a thought.



answers from New York on

Right now, stick with your current plan of starting nursing school. It sounds like you work in the medical field, so they may be willing to be more flexible with your hours in the coming years.

They have NOT made you an offer yet, so there is nothing to "accept" or "turn down". If they make an offer, then talk with them about logistics and time constraints. For now, stay on track with your classes and reassess if the situation changes!


answers from Austin on

Time to make a pro and con list! Pay, advancement, immediate gratification, delayed gratification, benefits...

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