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Giving Back During the Holiday Season...

K.H. asks from Dallas

even though my family struggles & doesnt have much but we have more than a lot of families do...& i want to teach my children that it is important to remember others,...


Seeking Moms Why Went Througth "Empty Nest Syndrome" and "Middle Life Crisis"

I.K. asks from Chicago

I am looking for a connection with women for an advice on how to find yourself after raising a child. I am 40 and didnt grow up in USA , so i have a very difficult ti...


Graduation Gift Ideas

C.C. asks from Pittsburgh

My son, who is in his first year of high school, has been invited to several graduation parties, just himself, not the whole family. Do kids usually give a card when...


Other Moms in Same Situation

S.K. asks from Corpus Christi

I am desperate !! my 8 yr old is having major separation axiety issues. i have 2 girls. 1 is 8 and 1 is 21. yes 13 years apart. My older dtr is in college, 150 miles ...


Money During Christmas

L.F. asks from Monroe

I am not a Christmasy person. I don't enjoy all the rush and nonstop Christmas music, etc. I guess you can say I'm kind of a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. Th...


Gift Ideas for Older Girls/young Women

H.W. asks from Portland

Hi All, Each year my husband likes to choose something special for his three nieces; they are 15, 17 and 19. His tradition is to find one item (say, necklace, perf...


Seeking Advice About Mother Visits

S.K. asks from Fayetteville

I need advice as to handle visits from my mother. Our relationship has always been poor and I am angered by how she treats my children when she comes to visit. She ...


Healthy Mail Package for a Friend Gone Triathlon & Nutritious

K.C. asks from Las Vegas

Hey All- I have an old college roommate that has a birthday coming up. In the past, when i would mail her fun packages, it would be treats and lotions and such, but...


Rules for Adult Children Living at Home Regarding Boyfriend/girlfriend

C.J. asks from Portland

My daughter is 20 years old living at home and working part time while attending college. I won't let her and her new boyfriend (22 years old) hang out in her bedroom...


Ideas on Encouraging and Supporting Expectant Soldiers Wife That Is a Widow

T.W. asks from Dallas

Hi Mamasource Moms, My husband's friend was just killed fighting for our country. He leaves behind a wife and a baby that is due at the end of October. My husband kn...