Healthy Mail Package for a Friend Gone Triathlon & Nutritious

Updated on May 18, 2011
K.C. asks from Henderson, NV
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Hey All-
I have an old college roommate that has a birthday coming up. In the past, when i would mail her fun packages, it would be treats and lotions and such, but NOW she is Mrs Triatholon, Trader Joes, and sending out green smoothie recipes. Any mom's that are on the total healthy route that can give me ideas for a package that she would enjoy. Thank you.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your responses. I'm off to the running store to get her fun stuff!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I think it is sweet what you are doing. I am a triathlete and would love something like that. My husband gave me a new triathlon magazine for my birthday (not a subscription, just a single one), that might be nice to add in there too. Barnes and Noble has quite a few, although I think he got this one at Target.

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answers from Kansas City on

I think you can still do the same kind of package just do healthier stuff. You can still do fun lotions or soaps and instead of candy put in things like nuts, trail mixes, maybe even some protein bars, etc. You could also think about sending her a fruit basket or something like that instead. What about coffee, does she drink that? You could do a fun coffee package too. I don't think you probably have to deviate that much from what you normally do, but it's thoughtful of you to try and switch it up to accomodate her new lifestyle!



answers from Las Vegas on

You could get Brendar Brazier's book, Thrive.. he's a vegan and eats only raw foods. he does triatholons as well.. his approach to health and moreover, healing AFTER doing a big sports event is by way of raw food. While I am not an athlete, I was however suffering from severe tendonitis and looking for "natural" ways of healing as traditional medicine was doing nothing for me. Brendan's approach to healing the body is simple and healthy. Now, even IF a person isn't a vegan and or doesn't want to eat raw food.. Brendan still writes some interesting things about recovery. Since he too is an athlete, I think your friend might benefit from what he has to say. Additionally, in his book, he too has many healthy recipes..

Also, Tim VanOrden is a vegan/raw athlete who is in his 40s.. he has many Youtube videos and tells you what he thinks is a smart way of eating. He is big on those LUNA bars... they are all raw and have only real natural ingredients in them..

Lastly, apart from sports.... if you want to do up a basket of goodies.. gotta say, Frog Hollow Farms does a YUMMY apricot spread.. using only organic ingredients.. I love their stuff.... their spreads are good if you need something sweet but without the sugar and junk... I HIGHLY recommend their products.. makes me hungry thinking about them...



answers from Los Angeles on

Check out



answers from Honolulu on

Well, organic lotions, lip balms, and the like

Organic granola, nuts or make a organic trail mix for her using things like seeds, nuts, organic chocolate, granola and dried fruits. Send the recipe with it.



answers from Boston on

You could get her some nice bike socks, most bike shops carry them.


answers from Los Angeles on

I'm vegan and a distance runner. My mom sent me a gift package from this company and I thought their stuff was delicious!


I'm vegan and a distance runner. My mom sent me a gift package from this company and I thought their stuff was delicious!



answers from Los Angeles on

I'm not triathlete but I've run my share of marathons. It's so nice to have friends and family recognize, support and celebrate that part of me. We can be kind of annoying the way we're always talking about training, our next workout, nutrition, etc. so this is a super special way to show you care. Some ideas for a fit person's care package which you can pick up at any running or sporting good specialty store: athletic socks, headbands, new dri-fit hat, sunblock samples. Also good are gift certs for massage/pedicure, glass jar with all the ingredients and a recipe for healthy cookies/granola/energy bars to make at home. And...there are some great jewelry makers that target athletes. Look in the back of Runner's World or any fitness magazine and you'll see the ads. You can get a bracelet, charm necklace, etc. with inspiring quotes/words. Check out!



answers from Los Angeles on

go to a running store and get her good socks-and they have all kinds of little things you can get.



answers from Seattle on

shot blocks by cliff bar. I ate them while riding my bike during the triatlon. you buy them where cliff bars are sold about 2 dollars a pack.. the strechy headbands by nike or under armour. chap stick with spf.. maybe a jamba juice gift card.


answers from Dallas on

Shaklee makes the most awesome sports nutrition products--used by the US Ski and Snowboard teams, among other world class athletes. Right now they have a promotion for a free package of Energy Chews. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you more info.

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