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Updated on May 02, 2015
E.D. asks from Olympia, WA
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Hey Folks,
How are you doing? My goodness, it's been long time since I've been on here! So first a quick update: my baby isn't a baby anymore, she's nearly two! She's a funny kid and keeps us laughing with her antics. My older girls are both doing pretty well. My niece still struggles a lot with behavioral stuff but she's making good progress in school and has a lot of life in her eyes. We finished with court stuff last summer (thank the lord), and are her full custodians now. My daughter is a sensitive, bright and curious child and I love her company. I'm about to graduate from college with a degree in public health and am working on some projects in my community that are really close to my heart. It's pretty exciting. But anyway, I digress. I'm writing to ask if you can suggest items to put in a care package for a person going through radiation. A lot of you have personal experience with cancer and I would appreciate any suggestions you have. Thanks in advance. And I hope you are all doing ever so well.


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So What Happened?

I can't tell you all how much I appreciate your kind words and warm welcome. Sending big hugs and many thank yous!

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answers from Washington DC on

when my aunt was doing chemo she enjoyed good organic hard candies to help with dry mouth. giovanni makes delightful little individually wrapped wet wipes for disinfecting shopping cart handles and so forth when she went out. knitting supplies and little humorous or heartwarming books. crossword puzzles. soft blankies, shawls and muffs. she was always cold.

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answers from Boston on

Yay so great to see you post - welcome back! Glad everything is going well!

Mum4Ever's list has most of what I can think of. Some other add ins could be a really soft blanket and some soft socks, as those undergoing treatment spend a lot of time resting. If you know that the person likes a particular TV series or would like a newer series that she or he hasn't had time to get into, some DVDs (full seasons) of the show could be a welcome way to spend time recovering. When a relative was recovering from radiation, he really enjoyed catching up on certain shows and could spend an afternoon binge watching as series - it was mindless, entertaining, and took his mind off of his illness.

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answers from Portland on

Ephie, I'm glad you updated us. When I think back to when you were trying to get full custody of your niece and then started school and pregnant, I thought "what a heavy load! Will she be able to finish?" It all was so complicated. And here you are! You have succeeded! Congratulations!!!

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answers from Seattle on

What a sweet update Ephie!! Glad to hear that life is rolling merrily along for everyone :)

This is not a complete list, but from my many aunts who have either had cancer themselves, or have worked in oncology I hear:

anti-nausea candies / gum / wrist band patch
Favorite sparkly beverage, which helps with dry mouth
Pretty Nail Polish and stickers
Word Search or Suduko puzzles
small crafts, like needle point or new yarn if they knit
prayer / meditation / gratitude journal with new pen
Gift card / certificate to local take out restaurants, add the menu

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answers from St. Louis on

woohoo! The sun is shining....Ephie is back!!

Congratulations on Tackling Life & winning!

My best friend recently went thru her 2nd bout of cancer. Each morning before tx, I sent her a text....something spiritually uplifting. She said it truly made a difference to know that I was thinking of her, & it helped place her focus more toward the positive.

Mum4ever had great ideas....& lip care could be added.
I'm hooked on Netflix...so a subscription to that might work.
I wish your friend healing.
& I wish you the best!

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answers from Miami on

My eyes brightened SO MUCH when I saw your name!!! I thought of you a few weeks ago and now here you are! So nice to read your update! (Private message on the way to you, btw!)

I don't have experience with this, but I'll just recommend some nice lip balm. Mary Kay has the best I've ever used.

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answers from Reading on

Long time no see! Nice to see you back.

When my mom was going through chemo, I crocheted her some very soft, warm chemo caps. There are a lot of free patterns on line, and if you don't crochet, you can find pre made ones. These were much softer than normal winter caps and felt good on her sensitive, bald head.

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answers from Amarillo on

Check with your local cancer center and see if you can get a brochure on the radiation diet. It is full of recipes that can be made up or things that you can/could make for her to eat.

As far as the blankets it will depend on where the treatment is administered like an arm, leg, neck, breast, back. The blanket would be in the way of the treatment.

A good body cream would be great for the person for putting on the site after treatment to help with healing and the thinning of the skin in the area.
If you can take the person to and from the treatment it will be great. Just a different person once or twice a week is a relief than driving yourself to and fro.

Know that they may want to sleep a lot because the radiation treatment does tire you out. So let them sleep when they can. They may also have a metallic taste in their mouth for the first week or two until the body adjusts and foods will be off. Hence the radiation diet.

I drove myself to and fro treatments for about 8 weeks which were two hours away. Hubby would go with me when he could when he was not working. Daughter would accompany me as well to keep me company. Most of the time I was by myself. I found out a lot about myself while being by myself during the drives.

Do expect the person to change during the procedures and it will be a life change in how they see the world and their priorities. Yes, there will be times that they may lash out and they will cry. Let it happen. Get a notebook or a journal for them to write their feelings in.

I know that lots of nuts and full fat dairy products were listed.

When I went back to my doctors for visits back to back by a day, each stated that if they had not known what I had just did they would not have known I had done the treatment. I did not look exhausted or worn out. So there is proof in the pudding that it will be okay. But know that everyone responds differently to the treatment and how they feel.

Thank you for asking about what to do before you do it. Oh, get any body creams or oils unscented.

Nice to hear from you again. Congrats on completing your studies. Wow it's been two years. Well the time does fly by. I am glad that all is going well for your family. You were and are missed on the site.

the other S.

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answers from New York on

Glad to see this update. So happy that everything is going well for you and your family.

If you live close by you might want to cook a couple meals or offer to patient sit to give the caretaker a break. If you live farther away you can sent 'thinking of you' cards every once in a while or give phone calls every week or two. The problem when you are in an illness that lasts a while is that everyone runs in at the beginning and then after a couple weeks they disappear.

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answers from unknown city on

Ephie ~ happy to hear all is well!

When my husband went through radiation it was flat out exhausting! I'd say food or g.c.'s for close restaurants/take-out would be a great gift.
He had extremely dry skin and needed to apply lotion and lip balm a lot. Someone suggested a nice snuggly blanket. Maybe a book or two b/c they spend a lot of time in doctor's offices.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I just went through 6 weeks of radiation last year. Aquaphor is a great ointment for the radiation sight. I also bought a aloe plant & put in frig to get cold & split leaves & layed on the radiation sight. Its like a third degree burn. Very painful, I got blisters on my back. I now use coconut oil on the radiation site. Blessings to you & your friend. Its Tough!!!! She can do it !!

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answers from Dayton on

Welcome back, Ephie. When I first came to Mamapedia you were always one of my favorites, for your caring & thoughtful responses & your way of writing :) I don't have an answer for you, it looks like you've received lots of ideas..just wanted to welcome you back & congratulate you on what sounds like a rewarding & exciting time for you and your family :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

I do not know the answer to your exact question, but it was good to hear from you. I only clicked b/c I saw it was you. :)

Maybe call the oncology department at your nearest hospital and ask them for suggestions?

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answers from Danville on

Glad to hear all is well with you. Congratulations on the upcoming graduation!!

You have received some wonderful suggestions below. Pete had concurrent chemo and radiation, and did lose his hair. Not sure which caused it, but if this is a woman you are preparing for, some pretty scarves/bandannas might be a thought!

Good to hear from you!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Your baby isn't a baby and you are almost finished with school! I'm so sorry i do not have have an answer to your question but it is fantastic to get an update. You have certainly been missed!

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answers from San Francisco on

I have no suggestions, but I just wanted to say hi. Hi, Ephie!

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