Care Packages: Adult Child

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Help Comforting 7 Year Old After 18 Year Old Brother Goes to College

C.D. asks from Louisville

We dropped off my 18 year old son yesterday at college and now my youngest son is very upset. Didn't anticipate such an emotional reaction but I understand everythin...


Communicating with My College Freshman

J.M. asks from Louisville

Hey all- I just moved my son in to the dorm on Saturday. He has not called, texted, anything..... I want to give him his space. How long do I give him space? How ...


HS Graduation Gift for My Sister

C.T. asks from Chicago

My sister is graduating this weekend from High School and I am not sure what I am going to get her. I know its very late in the game, but I have been struggling. I t...


Other Moms in Same Situation

S.K. asks from Corpus Christi

I am desperate !! my 8 yr old is having major separation axiety issues. i have 2 girls. 1 is 8 and 1 is 21. yes 13 years apart. My older dtr is in college, 150 miles ...


Rules for Adult Children Living at Home Regarding Boyfriend/girlfriend

C.J. asks from Portland

My daughter is 20 years old living at home and working part time while attending college. I won't let her and her new boyfriend (22 years old) hang out in her bedroom...