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40Th Birthday/gift Ideas for Husband on a Budget

J.B. asks from Dallas

I am looking for some ideas on what to get my husband for his 40th birthday, and on a budget! I dont want to get the same ole things, clothes, cologne, music, tools....


Re: Our Budget Needs Help - Husband So Stubborn

L.J. asks from Rochester

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies! I'm sorry I'm just getting back to all of you. I do have a follow-up question to this. Does anyone follow Dave Ramsey...


Organic & Whole Foods Vs. Budget

S.J. asks from Columbus

Since I've had to adjust my diet so much as I'm breastfeeding my son and his tummy has trouble with dairy and soy, I've found that I'm leaning again towards organic a...


What's a "Reasonable" Grocery Budget for Family of 4?

R.R. asks from Rochester

On average what do you ladies spend per month on groceries? I'm not trying to spend as little as possible, since a healthy diet paves the way for good health- but I ...


Tight Budget Dinner Recipes Wanted

M.C. asks from Provo

I'm wondering if you can give me ideas for dinners on a shoestring budget? Right now prices are soaring and I'd really like to cut back on the food bill. Also, any ve...


Budget for Food for Party: Calling All Cooks!

A.U. asks from Los Angeles

If you were going to throw a cocktail party, were going to serve appetizers (and that's all) for 25-30 adults.... how much money would you budget for food? I'm thinki...


Your Monthly Budget Strategy with Two Paychecks a Month

V.B. asks from New York

I just can't seem to win with my monthly budget. I get pay twice a month (every two weeks) one pay cycle it's for me to pay rent the other my van. I also have other...


Family Christmas Gift on a TIGHT Budget

K.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hi, I am in need of some ideas for a Christmas gift for our family in New York. We have a large family and we rotate which family to give gifts to every year. this...


Need Advice for Date Night on a Budget

C.K. asks from Dallas

I am compiling a list of suggestions for my MOPS group about date nights and I would like to hear from you. What do you and your spouse or significant other like to ...


Gift Ideas for a 19-Month-Old Boy (With a Budget)

A.P. asks from Pittsburgh

I am seeking the advice of mothers to help me in my search for gifts for my nephew this Christmas. He will be 19 months old when he would recieve the gift. I have a b...