Daughter with Broken Capillary Under Eye

Updated on January 02, 2014
C.P. asks from Santa Rosa, CA
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I have a daughter almost 5 years old. She devoped a broken capillary patch under her eye when she was two after being bit by some type of bug. Her pediatrician told us awhile ago that this is permanent unless we have it laser treated or another type of cosmetic procedure is available. I feel super shallow for bringing this up... But everyone always asks about it. "Does she have a black eye?" "What happened to her eye?" I want to save her from a lifetime of questions and possible bullying, and find out what the options are as far as treating this facial broken capillary. I have researched it and its expensive but affordable and if it saves her from low self esteem etc. I'd do it. However I don't know if there are laws or anything that determine the age a person has to be to have a cosmetic procedure. I have no intention of trying to get it done now. I realize that she needs to be old enough to understand and want to have this done. It just truthfully pains me to see it on her face and I hate the thought of her worrying about it her whole life. Especially if we could just go to a local clinic and have an almost painless procedure for 5-10 min that would be a permanent fix. The area I'm talking about is currently about the size of my thumb and looks from a five foot distance like a bruise or black eye. But up close looks like a veicose vein patch. So it would be very difficult to cover up with make up. Anyone with constructive knowledge please respond. Of course for all you worried mommies out there I would not do it now till she expresses concern about it.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I honestly can not relate to why you would not have it done now. As you said it is a 5-10 minute procedure. Kids get braces for cosmetic reasons. My daughters wear contact lens for cosmetic reasons. Parents get their kids ears pinned back for cosmetic reasons. My friend has been waxing her daughter's unibrow since she was 5 yo.
I really do not think it is vain at all and don't know why you would wait to fix something that is so fixable until it actually bothers your daughter.

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answers from Norfolk on

It's no different than having a birthmark removed and people have them removed all the time often before a child is even a year old.
For having a mark removed that is considered to be a disfigurement there are no laws which stand in the way of having it removed.
There's no need to wait.
I'm not sure why you've waited so long as it is.
She doesn't need to be old enough to understand anything about it.
Why would you want all her pictures to look like she has a black eye when you can have it removed now?
Just get it done now and she'll soon forget all about it.

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answers from New York on

You aren't shallow at all. It's something that you have been asked about far too many times by adults that should know better. Next time you are at the ped's office ask about it and see if he/she can refer you to someone for this treatment. Then make an appointment to talk about it with the specialist to get the pros and cons.

One of my daughters had a large mole that was the size of a quarter with uneven edges that had been there from birth. It was always uneven edged and had never changed however it bothered her. When she was 9 a general surgeon did a little cosmetic work on it (couldn't remove it because that would have caused a dent on her wrist). She still has a discoloration but it's light in color and very small. She was happy with the results.

You can call me shallow but it bothered her so I had it done. If it had bothered or concerned me earlier then I could have had it done. As a mom we make 5 million decisions for our children so if you see this patch of broken capillaries as an issue then yes look into your options and get it done if you decide that's the option that works for your family.

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answers from Austin on

My neice hasd a mole that bothered her. They reaserched it and found out it coul dbe removed. I do dnot recall at what age, but it has heled her self esteem immensley..

We never realized it bothered her up until then. She shared her feelings with her mother, but acted fine in public..

I am sure it will be the same for your child.

You just handle the questions very matter of fact so she can learn it is not a big deal.. And how to answer politely.. and then when she is old enough to have the surgery, have it done,

Yes, if it is something that can be handled now, then I would just have it done and get it over with while she is young enough to recover so quickly and without disturbing her school schedule etc..

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answers from Atlanta on

This isn't shallow. This is like a birthmark procedure.

Talk with a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. If you have already done your research, then you know it can be done. I don't think there's an age limit.

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answers from San Antonio on

My daughter has one on her cheek. I took her the summer before she started kindergarten to have it laser treated.

We got the most un-kid friendly dermatologists that does laser work in our town. She told my daughter how much it would sting and zap and maybe burn. Totally freaked her out!! They then decided to numb the area with cream, which they should have done first...anyways long story short...my daughter refused to cooperate, and we didn't get it done and it is still on her face.

So, now I figure that when she decides she wants it removed I will take her and get it removed. When it is her choice I know she will see it through.

It maybe further in elementary or in middle school...but for now she has it on her cheek and it doesn't seem to bother her.

I would go check out the dermatologist first and ask how many procedures they do on kids. And make sure they have a kid friendly bedside manner.

Don't feel bad about getting it fixed...isn't any different than braces...good luck!!

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answers from Washington DC on

The doctor will tell you if there is a law or age limit for cosmetic procedures.

have you tried make-up or concealer to help make it less noticeable?

It's not about being shallow. You see your daughter already being questioned about her eye...so you are trying to help her. Talk to the doctor. They will tell you straight up if they can't do it.

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answers from Miami on

The doctor is the one who will tell you at what age it can be done. We don't know the answer to this.

You should not feel like you have to justify getting your child's face to look normal again. If she had busted a tooth, would you just let her walk around with a hole in her smile? No.

You don't have to wait until she's older to understand and want to do this. Children have surgeries they don't understand all the time. Tonsillectomies, ear tubes, tongue-tied snips, etc. There is NO difference. You do what needs to be done, and don't get hung up on the issue of "cosmetic". Your daughter is NOT an adult. It shouldn't be up to her to express concern about this "shadow" on her face. It's your job to take this in hand and fix this for her.

Get the ped to give you a referral to the specialist and work with him or her to decide on a plan. To be honest, if it were me, I would want to get that surgery done now so your daughter doesn't remember it. AND so that she doesn't remember having that "black eye" all the time. (Though it may be too late for that.)

Consult with the doctors on this. Try to let go of this cosmetic hangup.



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter had that too, but after a few years it just went away. During the time, I always covered it up with sunscreen in the summer so that it wouldn't get darker. Wait until she expresses concern and laser away....that was my plan. Don't feel shallow.


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