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Good Birth Stories

L.H. asks from Savannah

Good afternoon Ladies, I'm looking for other mothers who have had great birth experiences who would like to share. I am delivering my baby in a few weeks and altho...


How Would You Describe the Birth of Your Child?

H.B. asks from Portland

*If you had an epidural, how would you describe the pain during and at the end? *If you had a natural birth (no drugs), how would you describe the pain during and at...


Giving Birth to Twins

W.K. asks from New York

Hi everyone, I am about 4 weeks away from delivering twins and I have a concern about how to deliver. to give you some background, i have a 5 and a 7 year old who ...


A Newborn and a 10 Year Old Acting Out

E.E. asks from San Francisco

I have a six week old boy and a 10 year old girl. My 10 year old has had my undivided attention all of this time and we have had a great relationship. Shortly after...


Give Me Some Support Please! Possible Tough Night Coming!

L.M. asks from New York

My nearly 10 month old has slept through the night (11 hours) since 3 months old. Several weeks ago, he started night waking once or twice every night usually around ...


At Wits End with 11 Year Old Tantrum Throwing Son

S.K. asks from Bakersfield

Help! I have an 11 year old who has been refusing to go to school since last year and again this year. He has been diagnosed with Social Anxiety/School Refusal. This ...


Dealing with Mommy Being Away to Give Birth

A.L. asks from Savannah

I am pregnant with our second child, due Sept 14. My son will be 3 1/2 then. He has never spent the night away from us, and I am concerned about the time we will be...


What Birth Control Method Do You Use?

E.B. asks from San Diego

I'm 33 with 4 yo son. Been married for 10 years. I don't want another child and my dh and I are using condomd as BC. We have always been using condoms, but lately he ...


Stillborn - Miscarraige - 7 Year Old at Home

S.J. asks from Houston

Hi everyone, It has taken me a few weeks to be able to write this, and after I'm done you'll understand. I lost my son, Marc Aaron to the angels on January 15th, 20...


My 5 Year Old Is Begging to Be Present at the Birth of Our Baby.

C.W. asks from Orlando

Although we are'nt due until March 2012, my five year old daughter (who will be six in July of next year) has been asking pretty much every day if she is able to be p...