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M.B. asks from Caledonia, MS
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Ok I know your first response is going to be get that girl to a doctor. I am going to be taking her I just wanted to see if anyone else had been here. My 11 year old daughter went to bed early Monday night. I really didn't think anything until she got up Tues. morning and was doubled over in the shower with stomach pain. Yes my first thoughts were her period. She is at the prime age and has shown other issues. As the day went on she felt better. I also thought she might be constipated. I treated the constipation with some warm prune juice every 2 hours. Once she went a little she said she felt better but still not great. She said her stomach hurts a little today but not like yesterday. I have googled stomach pain and now have myself concerned that it could be her appendix. Can the pain come and go or once it starts is it pretty much their until the appendix is removed? Thanks for any help

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So What Happened?

Hey everyone thanks for the great advice. She is better. It wasn't her appendix so I was thankful for that. They aren't really sure what caused it but they want me to keep a chart if it happens again. We are charting her going poo also so that if that is what it was and I fixed it before we got to the Dr. We will know next time. I think I had gotten myself worked up. Google can be your friend but to a worried mom sometimes it isn't a good thing. LOL Thanks for being here for me!!

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I would definitely take her to the doctor. My Mother's appendix ruptured in December 2006 and because the pain was intermittent she thought it was just a stomach bug and didn't go to the doctor. After the fact the doctor's at the hospital told her that no two cases of appendicitis present the exact same systems so it's very difficult to know sometimes.

Overall, I would get her to the doctor quickly as it's better to be to cautious than to risk a rupture and subsequent infection.



answers from Texarkana on

Hi M., I've been there myself. Mine ruptured at that age. The best thing I can do is tell you how I did. The pain would come and go for about a year or so. I can tolerate pain more than most, so to me it wasn't that bad. My mom thought I was going to start my period. After supper, one night, I didn't feel so well. I went to bed at 8:30 P.M. It was close to midnight when I woke up cramping real bad and felt sick at my stomach. I vomited and went to wake my parents. Mom got up with me & she said I was white as a sheet. I kept vomiting every few minutes for about an hour & a 1/2. By then, mom said she felt like something was wrong. To be honest, I was scared myself. Mom stayed home with my sisters, while my dad took me to the ER. This was back in '85. I was so exhausted & out of it I barely remember vomiting all the way to the hospital. Dad told us that I vomited the whole time until they put me under for surgery. Your appendix is on your right side, but when my pain first started it was on my lower left. Then it gradually moved up toward my belly button. This pain wasn't so bad. It was when it made it to the right side that would double me over in pain. If it is her appendix it may not have completely ruptured, possibly could be a tear. With her doubling over like that, I would get her to the doctor asap. It may be nothing, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Hope this helps. God Bless!



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M., when I was about your daughter's age, I had a similar thing. Went to the Dr. and he immediately hospitalized me fearing appendix (this was 27 yrs ago, so not a lot of technology in the local dr.s office). Turned out to not be appendicitis, but rather a viral infection that resulted in some sort of gland irritation. I was given fluids & antibiotics, and kept overnite. I'm sure dr's are a lot better now about diagnosing these things, but for sure -if you haven't already, take her to the dr. If it's just constipation - terrific (it'll be an expensive poo poo but better than surgery!). Let us know how it turns out. Y'all are in my prayers tonight.



answers from Enid on

When I was in 2nd grade my appendix burst. I was very sick and luckily my mom finally noticed how sick I was and took me to the hospital. It does hurt and the pain does come and go, but when it bursts, it's like having swords stuck in and out of you! The doctor told my parents that if they would have waited any longer I would have died. So if you think it is her appendix then go have it checked out as soon as possible. I had to go back in cause they didn't get all of the poison out, but I'm here and alive. It's not a fun thing to go through. Check it out.



answers from Montgomery on

Hi M., I have worked in the medical field all my life. The doctor I used to work for said once that there is no such thing as " early appendicitis". That when you have it , it comes quickly and the pain does not come and go over a period of time. It usually comes on severe , and maybe rupture, you need to have her checked out though.

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