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Updated on January 07, 2015
S.S. asks from Parcel Return Service, DC
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Saturday night I was playing monopoly with my family and I got really sick like the stomach or food poisoning. I had diarrhea I was nauseous my abdominal area hurt really bad. So I stayed in bed all day other the getting up to go to the bathroom. I woke up the next morning and felt a little better but my stomach still hurt.. I took some pepto and went to work. I work at a restaurant. I didn't eat anything that day. The next morning I woke up and felt a lot better so I went to work and started eating food I felt fine for a little while but now I can hardley sleep my lower right side hurts I'm really neausous and I know its not a kidney infection because I get those a lot and its lower then my kidneys. What do you guys think is it appendicitis or just the stomach flu that's sticking around to long?

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answers from Houston on

Just went though this with my husband. His had a partial rupture. Are you running fever? If so, go to the ER ASAP. If not, call your doctor and discuss with him. It could be going out but hasn't ruptured yet. You want to get to it before it ruptures. Not good if it does. That requires a longer hospital stay. Call your doctor now!

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answers from Washington DC on

ETA: I'm sorry - I was confusing the gall bladder with the appendix.


Welcome to mamapedia!!

LOWER than your kidney's is NOT appendicitis. Your appendix is right below/behind your rib cage on the right hand side. Do you mean your belly button?? Running a fever? Since you didn't eat anything yesterday, the pain could be your bowels screaming for nutrients. What color is your urine? Have you had ANY bowel movements since your diarrhea episode?

With the pain that you are experiencing? You need to be seen by a doctor. I wouldn't wait. Personally. They will draw blood to check your kidney functions, AST, ALT (liver functions) and sugar levels. Hopefully, they will order a CAT Scan of your abdomen and check for appendicitis (which I feel your pain is too low for that), gall stones, kidney stones and a whole mess of other things.

My guess is diverticulitis or an ectopic pregnancy. If you don't have celiac disease....or a hernia...

Bottom line? Since you are in THAT much pain?? Get to your nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Room and get diagnosed by a doctor.

Good luck!!! I hope it's JUST the stomach flu and nothing serious!!

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answers from Washington DC on

what does it matter what we think? if your appendix bursts, are we the ones who are going to treat it?
go to the doctor.

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answers from Atlanta on

pain is your body's way to let you know that something is wrong. Go to the doctor.

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answers from Portland on

My appendix burst and nearly killed me when I was 12. I never had the typical pain, just extreme nausea for a week, until I collapsed from infection.

If you do have appendicitis, Pepto will only complicate matters.

Get yourself checked out ASAP – not only can spreading infection be difficult to treat and even deadly, it can also screw you up in the long term. I've been dealing with many adhesions in my abdomen for the last half century. Not fun.

Wishing you a good outcome!

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answers from Columbia on

Appendicitis can present in all kinds of ways. Sometimes people have inguinal pain, sometimes they have left side pain on rebound, sometimes they have right side pain. Sometimes pain is in the lower abdomen, and sometimes higher Right-sided pain doesn't occur in every case. Fever is usually present, but it's usually low-grade.

Based upon your symptoms, as a medic, I would highly recommend that you head to the ER. I do think you have appendicitis, and you need to be certain or risk a life threatening rupture. Maybe you don't, but only bloodwork and/or imaging can rule it out. You have all the classic symptoms, so I'd say you NEED to rule it out.

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answers from Norfolk on

Appendix is really low - down near your hip level.
It might be appendicitis - but there are other painful intestinal conditions too.
My Mom had diverticulitis - she said it was worse than giving birth the pain was so bad.
Have an Urgent Care check you out.
Keep your fluids up - clear fluids - like chicken broth or Gatorade or pedialyte.
You don't need to eat anything solid for quite awhile.
You don't want to get dehydrated and you need to watch your electrolytes.

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answers from Boise on

My daughter had symptoms like yours and it was appendicitis. She had her surgery within an hour or so of it erupting/bursting. Go get checked! Better safe than sorry.

Best of luck and hope you feel better soon!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Doesn't seem to be presenting like a stomach bug.
Could be appendicitis or your gallbladder too.
Go get seen by a doc.

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answers from Chicago on

Since this is from Saturday and today is Wednesday, it has been too long already. I would go get it checked. Whether appendicitis, bladder infection (which can feel like stomach pain), gall bladder etc, you need to get it checked. Since it acts up after eating, it could be kidneys or gall bladder.

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answers from San Francisco on

I've had appendicitis. Is it to the left and below your belly button? That's where my pain was. I was in so much pain the only position that was comfortable for me was fetal. If you're not feeling well, I'd just go to the doctor just to be on the safe side. Get well soon!

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answers from Miami on

Why haven't you gone to the doctor? If you don't have appendicitis, you could have norovirus or something else that's bad.

One really bad thing about appendicitis is that if the appendix bursts, you'll feel better for a while. But all that poison in your system will quickly make you feel terrible and you could die.

Call the emergency room. Talk to the nurses. I actually think you should be in the ER being assessed. It is much easier to take care of appendicitis before your appendix bursts than to deal with it afterwards.

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answers from San Francisco on

An advice nurse at your doctor's office will be waaaay more qualified than us mommas.

Make the phone call now. It could be something simple that will go away with lots of fluids and sleep...or something very serious.

I wish you the best in your quest for info...and that you get better soon :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Here's a picture of where most appendixes are. They are really really low on the right side.

You could have a pocket of gas or feces stuck in that area of your digestive track too. I'd call the doc and ask them what to do. They can always say just come in though.

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