Fever Virus Going Around?

Updated on October 30, 2012
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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Just wondering if there are any fever viruses going around? Maybe a stomachache too. My son is 7. Usually I wouldn't get too crazy about it, but a little worried as we will be stuck in doors for the next few days. Always worry about appendicitis, and worse.

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So What Happened?

I guess what concerns me is that the fever is the only symptoms...I would much rather prefer a runny nose or sore throat with it, so that I have a better idea of what it is. Fevers make me nervous. Although everything makes me nervous.

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answers from Columbia on

There's no such thing as a "fever virus." There are viruses. Their symptoms sometimes include fever and stomach ache.

Appendicitis is not necessarily caused by a virus.

Your son may have a virus. Or a bacterial infection. Without seeing him and running a few tests, it's impossible to tell. What are his other symptoms?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If he's acting normal and is not showing any symptoms of a particular illness then his body may be fighting off a bug. It may get beaten today and then it may win and he get sick.

Our bodies are bombarded by bugs every day. They fight them off the best way while we are sleeping. So I would suggest you have him take a day off from very active play and just help him to do quiet things if at all possible.

I know stress is high in your area right now and I suggest you just try to keep a very positive attitude such as it's just a storm and it will blow over. We are in a safe area and are going to be okay. If the weather gets really bad we have a plan and will be safe. Let's go over the safety plan so you can see how safe we'll be if we need to use it....

He may just be feeling the stress and his body is heating up thinking it is a bug.

Keep him hydrated and as restful as possible. If it goes higher than 102 it may be time to get him to the doc so they can do an X-ray to check for pneumonia, do some blood work to see if his white blood cells are high, to pee in a cup to see if it's a bladder infection.... you know what I mean.

If the fever goes any higher and can't be controlled by Tylenol and Motrin rotations then it's time to seek medical attention. If it is anything serious I would expect a peaking fever that won't go anywhere even with medication.

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answers from Grand Forks on

A fever is the body fighting off any number of things, including viruses or bacterial infections. Let the fever do it's job and don't worry unless the fever gets really high, or your child is in pain or lethargic. Give Tylenol to reduce the fever only if your child is very uncomfortable, ohterwise let the fever do its job. The fever increases the antiviral interferon in the blood, making it difficult for a virus to replicate.

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answers from New York on

My kids are just getting over a virus that was a fever, with stomach ache (my older son was actually throwing up). Then it seemed to all turn into a head cold. The head cold seems to be lingering.

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answers from Chicago on

My 4 year old had a fever for about 1.5 days, no other symptom but two days later he started coughing and hasn't stopped. Driving me nuts and he is miserable too! I've heard it can last up to 3 weeks. Yuck!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

my kids have had that in the past. It can take a while yo run its course.

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answers from Honolulu on

Did you take him to the Doctor?

"maybe a stomachache too...." Your son, should be able to tell you if he has a stomachache since he is 7 years old.

In my city, there have been things like that going around in school.
But, as always, you should take your child to the Doctor.
It is better than guessing what it is.

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