Daughter with Ovarian Cyst

Updated on November 10, 2010
N.G. asks from Brookfield, IL
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My 13 yo daughter has a lot of pain on her right side. After ruling out an appendicitis she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. Her pediatrician said we just have to wait until the cyst bursts for the pain to subside. Has anyone ever dealt with a cyst before? How long does it take for the cyst to rupture? It has been 10 days already and I hate seeing her in this much pain. Is there anything more I can do? I've been thinking of taking her to a gyne but I don't know if that would help or not.

Any advise is appreciated.

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So What Happened?

thanks for all the great advise. I have an appointment for my daughter with a GYN in a couple of days. Hopefully, she can help.
thanks again

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answers from Fort Wayne on

get her to a GYN fast! depending on the size what kind of cyst she could actually be in danger. I had a cyst and was in pain for months after test after test my doc finally had me do an upper GI and saw the cyst on the film I had a softball size dermoid cyst and if it had ruptered I would have been very sick. within 2 weeks I had the surgery to have it removed. I know the pain she is going through and it's awful. also get another family doc if he is that dismissive on what she is going through he is a dick! gl keep us posted.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I would take her to a gyn.........I can't think that a cyst bursting would be a good thing......it cause infection in her system......so this does not sound good at all to me......besides, it's better to be safe than sorry........and a second opinion never hurts.....

Good Luck and I hope she gets better.....take care.

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answers from Dallas on

Take her to a GYN! I have never heard of a doc saying wait for it to burst - that is extremely painful. I have had several and it was my impression that they aren't supposed to get to the point of bursting. A Ped has no idea about the female reproductive system - get her to a GYN.

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answers from Lancaster on

I have had a burst cyst and the pain was unbearable. I was literally on my hands and knees, rocking back and forth. Please take your daughter to the gyno. They will know what to do.

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I would get a second opinion, N.. Look, I've had both kinds of ovarian cysts - those that burst and those that don't. The one that didn't grew to be 7 cms. I had to have laproscopic surgery to remove it. My surgeon told me that normally he can't save an ovary once the cyst gets that big because of the amount of bleeding involved. I got lucky that he could save my ovary. You don't want this to go on too long because the bigger it gets, the more possibility that when they finally go in and get it, they end up having to take the ovary too.

I just noticed that you said you were thinking of taking her to a gyn - why haven't you? That's the kind of doctor she should be seeing. This isn't a regular doctor's specialty.

Just to let you know, a ruptured cyst is up there on the pain scale of passing a kidney stone and giving birth. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder during one of my 2 bursting episodes. You will think she's close to having a convulsion, it will hurt her so much. This is another reason you need her to be followed by a gyn (and yes, use a woman, because she should not have to have her privates looked at by a male doctor at her age). If her cyst bursts, you should get her down there for an ultrasound right away so that they can see that it has burst. She will hurt for a full day or more because all that fluid in her abdomen causes lots of pain.

The truth is, as painful as a bursting cyst is, it's better for it to burst than for it not to burst. If it doesn't burst, it needs to be removed.

Lastly, this is hard to think of for a 13 year old, but good to talk to the gyn about. Cysts tend to keep happening. After going through the ordeals of them (3 with me), the thought comes of how to prevent them. There are birth control pills like Mircette that help prevent cysts. I stayed on Mircette for 11 years just for that purpose. A year and a half ago I stopped taking it because I am in peri-menopause now, and low and behold, I have another cyst on the other ovary (just 1 cm so far). Not too much pain, but I am having to have this one watched. I'm kind of tired of having ovaries now at this point in my life since they are a pain, but oh well!

Please get her to a gyn - it's really important.


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answers from Modesto on

Wait for it to burst, REALLY? Holy Cow. Go see a GYN... that is just insane.

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answers from Raleigh on

I have had ovarian cysts quite a bit- having them rupture is extremely painful. Usually, functional cysts resolve on their own after a couple of menstrual cycles. I had two rupture in the past- the others times they just went away.
I would see a gynecologist about this. They can at least do a sonogram and see how large it is, and what type of cyst it is and then give you your options for treatment.

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answers from Amarillo on

I would take her to a GYNO asap. If the pain is what you say and she has had it for 10 days that's a long time for a 13 year old. I had a cyst that ruptured and was diagnosed with emergency appendicitis. I could hardly walk from the pain. They took the appendix and my left ovary because of the rupture. No need to let her suffer at this age.

The other S.



answers from New York on

I would take her to the gyno. Ovarian cysts can be very painful, and depending on the size, can be potentially dangerous. I'm not trying to scare you at all, ovarian cysts are very common and most are NOT dangerous. That said, someone who specializes in this should really be taking a look.

I'm not sure on the time limit. I don't recall my ob/gyn ever giving me a time frame.



answers from Boston on

What???? I had an ovarian cyst for months it was the most painful thing in the entire world. It turned out to be the size of a grapefruit. Get a referral to a pediatric gyno that is who I saw once we finally learned what was wrong. The put me on the lowest dose of birth control to try to help shrink it but it just got bigger so they did a simple day surgery to remove it. I would definately be seeking another opinion especially one of an ob or pediatric gyno (they are out there) And I will add that she did not do much then feel the outside of my lower abdomen, order another ultrasound, and ask me a few questions.



answers from Kansas City on

I had a cyst burst when I was right around this age, and it was one of the most painful things I can remember. My parents took me to the ER, and finally they did a sonogram to see what was happening. Before that they just dismissed it as "a little girl with cramps", this was way worse than cramps! Anyways, I believe they gave me a shot in my bottom for pain, and we just had to wait it out. My mom took me to the gyno the next day, and she recommended putting me on birth control, as they can help control the formulation of the cysts. I never had a problem with them again. I hope you can find some help for her, and figure out what your options may be.



answers from San Francisco on

I had those quite a bit as a young teen, about every couple of months and YES they do cause pain and sometimes a feeling of nausea. It's true , the doctors can't do much about them and suggest waiting til they burst. In my experience, it took from when I could first feel the pain (which was prob around ovulation time until the onset of my period) so one to two weeks..
When they did burst, sometimes I'd feel a sharper pain and at other times, nothing.. I guess you could say, I'd have to wait it out...
Eventually, probably into my early 20s, they went away..
As for taking her to a Gyn.. well, that is probably a good idea in order to rule out other problems.. I would wait until her menstrual cycle comes and if once that is finished she still has pain.. def check with the gyn..




answers from Boston on

I would take her to a gyn just to double check, but I get ovarian cysts all the time. They can be really painful, or just a little uncomfortable. Advil really helps.

The fact that it has been 10 days seems really long to me. Mine generally last only about 3 days, but, at 13, I would guess that her cycle just isn't very regular and that's why it has gone on so long.

Still, better safe than sorry - bring her in.