Acne: Earth's Best

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Baby Acne?????

K.G. asks from Boca Raton

My son is almost 5 months old and started on Stage 1 fruits about 3 weeks ago. We started with pears, then peaches, bananas, applesauce and now we're onto sweet pota...


Acne/Rash From Soy Formula?

T.B. asks from Los Angeles

I've had to supplement with formula as I'm not producing enough at the moment. I gave my daughter a soy formula (earth's best brand) one night. My husband used a lact...


Lotion for My Baby's Face

J.S. asks from Sacramento

Hi moms! My baby has gotten a little "windburned" from our afternoon walks. Even though I have her bundled up, her cheeks have a funny look to them. Her skin looks dr...


Very Dry Baby Skin

S.F. asks from Boca Raton

my daughter got a severe case of atypical baby acne at 6 week pp when i got my period. her skin is now clearing up (finally). the doctor said daily baths may help to ...


Trouble with Changing from Breastmilk to Formula

S.L. asks from New York

Hi everyone, My son is two months old and has been breastfeed. I don't nurse him anymore since I had to go back to work. My pediatrician suggested that I get him use...


Huggies or Pampers

J.S. asks from San Francisco

Does any one have a preference? My baby has extremely sensitive skin, and gets yeast infections supper easily when she is in a disposable diaper. I try to use cloth...


One Year Old, Runny Nose, and Humidifier + Tea Tree Oil?

A.S. asks from San Angelo

My one year old is suffering from a runny nose and congestion at night. My husband did a little research and thought we should put a few drops of tea tree oil in his ...


Baby Sunscreen

C.M. asks from Charleston

Hi Mamas, My daughter is 8 1/2 months now, and I am trying to figure out what is the best sunscreen to buy for her. Some of my friends and family have been telling ...


Diaper Rash vs Infection

B.S. asks from Fort Myers

Ok ladies I need some help. My daughter is 22 months old and has a VERY SENSITIVE "private area". If she has diharea ONE TIME she will develop a rash. I have taken he...


Dry Facial Skin of 4 Month Old Baby

M.M. asks from Pittsburgh

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can recommned a safe lotion to put on my baby's face. Needless to say, he puts his hands on his face a lot and puts it in his mou...