Help! Now! I Have a Giant Pimple Under My Eye and a Date Tonight!

Updated on May 09, 2010
B.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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Okay Mamas, I need your help. 2 nights ago, I fell asleep with my makeup on, and well, I woke up with a pimple under my eye!
It's one of those deep, aweful ones that you can't pop and it's right at the tippy-top of my cheek bone right under my eye. My hubby and I have a big date night planned since this is the first time my 2 1/2 year old will be sleeping away from home.
Any "magic" ways to make it at least be less prominent before tonight?

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. I put nothing on it b/c my daughter broke her arm and we spent the day at CareNow. BUT, the kids went off to Grandmas house and we had a good night. He didn't even notice it until I pointed it out thanks to my makeup. :)

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answers from Dallas on

What about Windex? lol (from Big Fat Greek Wedding)

Don't mention it and he probably won't even notice it when you put make up on it. OR mention it immediately and get the conversation over with. Then, go and have fun!

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answers from St. Louis on

I agree with Mikelle, I don't think your hubby will even care about the pimple. Men aren't as observant or critical of those things as women are. Im assuming he's already seen it if it happened two nights ago. So if he's still wanting to go out then just let it go. Have a great time with your hubby. But if you have access to Mary Kay their acne treatment gel is awesome and works pretty fast.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Put a spoon in the freezer to get nice and cold and then put the cold spoon over the pimple. This will reduce the swelling and redness. Won't take away the pimple but it will at least make it more easy to hide with a little dab of concealer. Whatever you do, don't pick at it or try to squeeze it!

Enjoy your date tonight.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Makeup...and a short and/or tight dress or outfit! Men don't notice these types of things nearly as much as we do. Have fun!



answers from Sioux Falls on

I'm sorry, I don't.
But I am so proud of you for having a date night set up with Hubby! He is going to just be so thrilled to have you alone, he is not even going to notice the zit! My suggestion is to put on something that he will not even see the minor complexion flaw. Say, little black dress and high heels?



answers from Dallas on

Personally, I wash my face with an exfoliating cotton washcloth made by me and it helps all my pimples (when they appear) become less prominent. Over the past few months I have been washing my face with handmade cotton washcloths morning and night and my pimples have drastically decreased in size and number. Good luck & Have fun!!



answers from Phoenix on

the tooth paste thing works but it has to be on ALL day...I usually do this at night so im not staring at it through out the day...the spoon thing DOES work so you can try that. Good Luck and have fun tonight :)


answers from Killeen on

Diaper rash cream- it will lessen the redness. Keep it on as long as you can (a few hours). It won't disappear, but it will lessen it's appearance :)



answers from Dallas on

I heard that hemorrhoid ream works, never tried it though.



answers from Toledo on

Never tried it, but I've read that toothpaste will dry it right up. Just a dab, and remove it when it's time.

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