Middle Age Acne

Updated on August 28, 2012
B.T. asks from Saint Michael, MN
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Okay friends. I have always had issues with mild acne,spcially the week before my period I would get two or three zits and maybe one the week I was ovulating and have some black heads and plugged pores always. I use a spot treatment when I get a red zit like oxy. I have always used clean and clear daily pre clanser oil free. especially week before my period. Well I resently added ponds facial wipes to wash my face and my face has been breaking out like crazy. I do not know if this is a reaction to the chemicals that is making my face break out more or if it a process that my face needs to get through to get read of all the underline black head and what ever else is going on under my skin I can't see.
I'm a nurse so understand about reacting to chemicals in a way of getting hives but could it be causing more acne?

I also started a new job in a intensive care unit and it has been a bit stressful to learn the new skills. Any suggestions would be helpful stop or start new products or see doctor.

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answers from Springfield on

On what part of the face are you getting the breakout? I read somewhere that acne around the jaw line may be due to hormonal imbalances. I have experienced this my self and after some research this is what I came up with.

Hope that helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

Ponds is full of junk. I have tried everything. I can't say enough about Mario badescu products. The drying lotion will dry up a blemish OVERnight! I'm not kidding. They have an online store and some product on Amazon. I've also had results with Cetaphil wash. You may need a twice weekly deep mask to open up your pores. Natural clay masks are best. Good luck in the unit. I worked PICU for a few years and loved it.



answers from Bellingham on

I was having terrible trouble with acne. I thought it was hormonal, and went to the doctor who diagnosed a reoccurring staff infection. Antibiotics cleared it up quickly, and I try to control reoccurrences with antibacterial wash like cetaphil or phisohex, and a great cream my doctor gave me.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Ponds made me break out like crzazy too! I would stop using it.



answers from New York on

I steer away from the usual things people use for fighting acne. I manage it better with maintaining a diet that doesn't have tons of greasy oily fried foods, drink plenty of water, eat a variety of veggies both fresh and cooked.

When my face needs some kind of mask I make my own using bentonite clay and distilled water which works wonders. I get the clay from the health food store and buy it by the ounce. 1 oz is about $2.00. It definitely makes my skin smooth and better and beautiful. Also helpful is raw coconut oil as a moisturizer before I go to bed. There are natural antibiotics in the oil.

Another thing you can use for a facial mask is avocado's, yogurt, etc.

If none of these things seem to help, you may want to break down and see a dermatologist who will prescribe medications which is what they teach them in school.

The best thing is the bentonite clay. It also works on cleansing my hair but that is another story.



answers from Phoenix on

I use raw Africanblack soap from Amazon. Works wonders! My acne is decreasing. Before I use noxzema, and no results.
Also use biore pore pack to get the comedo.
If you want the cheap ones :
Mix 1 tbs non color plain gelatin like knox with
1 tbs of milk
Put in in micro for 10 seconds, use it on nose or any face you want. 10 mins and peel it. Must hurry using it because gelatin will form jelly if it s too long.
Try to use beblesh cream from korea...if you have Korean store you can find it there. Many cheap scam in internet. I use them to substitute foundie. It functions as foundie but also to heal your acne scars. It comes with high spf and anti wrinkle as well. I just bought one yesterday! Love it:)

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