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Separate or Joint Bank Accounts

Quick survey here: Do you have a separate or joint bank account and why? DH and I have separate bank accounts. It's just something we've always done, no questions asked. But now that I'm not working, I'm thinking otherwise. I get unemployment but at $400 less a month than what I wasmaking when working. I can't pitch in what I used to so I'm thinking we should just combining everything. But I kind of feel like I'm ceding control Yes, it's me. So what's your situation?


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401K & Foreclosure

My husband and I are having a lot of financial struggles... since I started working first shift, and we've begun paying for childcare, we haven't been able to afford our mortgage payments. We haven't paid on it in 4 months now. We are now going into foreclosure. My husband has taken a withdrawal from his 401k so that we could avoid the foreclosure, but we got the check a few days too late. We have tried contacting the mortgage company to see if we can set up payment arrangements to pay our arrearages and get caught up on everything, but...


What to Do with 401K

When I left my job over two years ago to stay home with the kids and have...