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Is Anyone Familiar with Franklin Templeton Investments

My husband and I are in the process of setting up his retirement investments. It is a huge bewildering process. We have sat with the union rep who has given us a lot of information about choices we need to m ake so we will have the guaranteed paycheck each month. That will be starting in august. But in addition to that there will be annuities that need to be rolled over into some sort of mutual funds, etc so as not to just sit stagnant. We were referred to a financial person. He was wonderful and gave us all sorts of information on...


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What Exactly Is a 401K?

My husbands job is pushing him in to signing up towards the 401k plan. What exactly is it? Is it worth signing up for?


What to Do with 401K

When I left my job over two years ago to stay home with the kids and have...


401K & Foreclosure

My husband and I are having a lot of financial struggles... since I started...

College Savings & 529

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529 College Plan????

Has anyone ever heard of the 529 plan. I was looking on the internet for ways to save money and am considering it for my daughter but not so sure. If you have not heard of it the website is I was just wondering if anyone has done it and if it is a better choice rather than doing a savings account through a bank.


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Career V. SHM

I would love to hear insights from others who have addressed this issue. I am the very fortunate mother of a 17-month old. I have a job that let's me get home around 4:00 p.m. during the week, and pays very well. I have built my career for over a decade. I have a wonderful nanny who takes great care of my son while I work. Lately, though, I have really felt the pull to quit my job and be a stay at home mom. There are several reasons for this: as "good" as my job is, it causes me a tremendous amount of stress and rarely makes me...


How to save Money

I am trying to put a mini class together about "how to save money" at a...